Faculty In Residence


LaTosha Traylor

Dr. LaTosha Traylor, a Sociology professor, serves as our Faculty in Residence. She lives in the Student Housing community, provides different programs including Tuesdays with Tosha, along with various other programs and events. Her presence in the Student Housing community provides opportunities for residents to informally interact with faculty member in a casual setting.


Upcoming Events with Dr. Traylor

October 16 at 6:30 p.m.

Is Orange Really the New Black?

Gastronome 160

November 27 at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesdays with Tosha

Gastronome 160

December 18 at 6:30 p.m.

Tuesdays with Tosha

Gastronome 160

Welcome Letter From Dr. Traylor

Dear HRE Family:

I hope that your semester is off to a great start! I’m sending this letter to you as a way of introducing myself. My name is Dr. LaTosha Traylor and I am the new Faculty In Residence (FIR). My students call me Dr. or Professor Traylor; but here in the Student Housing community, you can call me “Tosha”. I am a 3rd year Sociology professor, but I’ve been teaching since 2007. My research focuses on issues related to race, class, gender and crime. I teach a variety of grad and undergrad courses in these areas. As the FIR, I am here to assist you with developing your academic skillset and building positive relationships with your professors. I am thrilled about this opportunity to work closely with you in your community.

Personally, I have a pretty laid-back, approachable personality and I “keep it real” with my students. They really appreciate that about me. I also have a strong sense of compassion for those who’ve been socially marginalized. I was always that kid on the playground who defended the outcasts and had no tolerance for bullying. I’m still that person. Also, I love learning. Even though I didn't go directly to graduate school after college, I worked on university campuses in order to remain immersed in a learning environment. All of that is to say... I have literally spent my entire adult life on a university campus. And I love it! 

I’m looking forward to us getting to know one another over this academic year. I’m also excited about the FIR programming coming your way very soon. Once a month I will host “Tuesdays with Tosha” which will cover different topics such as Q & A, and is Orange really the New Black? These programs occur in Gastronome 160 at 6:30pm. Please keep an eye out for flyers! If you are unable to attend my programs, , please feel free to introduce yourself when you see me around the community or email me and we’ll schedule a time to chat ( ltraylor@fullerton.edu) .  

Take care,

Tosha's signature