Housing Application Process

looking for housing for the current semester?

We currently have spaces available for any enrolled Cal State Fullerton students. For more information, please contact us via email at housing@fullerton.edu or call us at (657) 278-2168.

housing for future semesters

Housing for Spring 2018 ▼ Housing for Summer 2018 ▼ General Information ▼

The 2018-2019 Academic Year Housing Application will open during the Spring 2018 semester. Please check back later for more information about Student Housing for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.





housing for spring 2018

New Students: You must accept your Cal State Fullerton admission offer and pay the $250 enrollment deposit before applying for student housing. Complete this process three to four (3-4) business days prior to accessing the online housing application to ensure that our system will recognize you as an incoming student.

Spring Housing Interest Form

Please use the link below to fill out our Spring Housing Interest form. A member of our team will contact you with more instructions about how to move forward with your application.

When filling out the form, please have the following information available:

  1. Your contact information, including first and last name, campus-wide ID (CWID) number, phone number, and your student email address (ending in @csu.fullerton.edu).
  2. Your room style preference. See our room style options page for more information.
  3. Your meal plan choice. See our meals and dining page for more informaiton.

Spring Housing Interest FormOpens in new window

Application and License Agreement

After completing the Spring Housing Interest Form, a member of our team will contact you with instructions on how to fill out our online application, pay your application deposit, and electronically sign a license agreement.





Summer Housing

We offer on-campus housing for Cal State Fullerton students in our single-occupancy apartments. Summer License Agreements are scheduled for summer session courses.

More information about summer housing will be available during the Spring semester. Please contact our office if you have specific questions. 



for all students applying for student housing:

  1. Explore our website to learn more about our housing options and theme community programs.
  2. Thoroughly read the following once they become available:
  3. Set up your Cal State Fullerton Email - Begin checking your Cal State Fullerton email once you have been admitted.  You will receive corresondence from the Housing and Residential Engagement Office only at this email address. For more information, please visit the Student Registration websiteOpens in new window .
  4. If you are under the age of 18 when completing the online Housing Application, you should be prepared to have your parent or guardian complete the electronic signature. Your Housing Application will not be complete until the electronic signed document is received.
  5. Gather information to have available when completing the application.
    • Emergency Contact Information – You will be asked to supply emergency contact information which includes name, telephone, mail and email addresses.
    • Meal Plan Choice - Read through the information provided on the website and the Student Housing License AgreementPDF File Opens in new window documents to decide which meal plan fits you best. 
    • Room Type Choice - Continuing, New Transfers, Graduate, and International Students will be prompted to select Double or Single Apartments. Please note room type choices are not guaranteed. 
    • Theme Community Preference –  For more information, please visit the available theme communitiesOpens in new window . Please note that these are preferences only and are not guaranteed. Eligibility is based on available space and other criteria that vary by theme community.
    • Meningococcal Disease and Vaccine Information - You will be asked to report your vaccination history.
    • Grad Guard Renters Insurance - Housing and Residential Engagement highly recommends that students consider Renters Insurance to protect their belongings. This insurance is optional.