Dining Services Frequently Asked Questions

Cal State Fullerton Housing and Residential Engagement offers residents a fun, nutritious, and exciting residential dining program that features three food service options. The Gastronome serves fresh, wholesome, cooked-from-scratch and prepared-to-order meals throughout the day. The Late Night Café serves a classic made to order grill menu, snacks, grab and go items, and beverages after the Gastronome closes to meet the needs of students with evening classes or who are looking for a late-night pick-me-up while studying. The Community Market stocks a wide array of packaged and fresh produce, foods, and household goods with extended weekday and weekend hours.

  • How do meal plans work?

    First-time freshmen living in the Residence Halls can choose between two meal plan options: 7-Day Continuous and 5-Day Continuous. These plans allow students unlimited access to the Gastronome; the 7-Day Plan covers every day of the week, while the 5-Day Plan excludes Saturday and Sunday.
    Continuing, Transfer, and Graduate students living in our apartments may choose either of the Continuous options, or may select a block plan with100 meals per semester. A meal will be deducted each time they enter the Gastronome.
    All meal plans include an amount of Declining Balance dollars that can be used to purchase items from the Community Market or Late Night Café, or to purchase a guest meal at the Gastronome.

  • Can I opt out of purchasing a meal plan?

    All students living on campus are required to have a meal plan. Our office does not grant exceptions to this policy.

  • Can I change my meal plan?

    Residents can change their meal plans during certain times of the year. See our request formOpens in new window for details.

  • Can I give my TitanCard to my friend to let them eat?

    No you may not. Please do not attempt to let another student use your meal plan. Your ID picture appears on the screen when you swipe into the Gastronome or make a purchase at the Community Market or Late Night Café. Attempting to let another student use your meal plan will result in a conduct violation with a judicial sanction.

  • What types of food do you serve?

    The Gastronome features an extremely diverse menu. Most items are customizable and prepared-to-order where students may select the meats, vegetables, and sauces they want in their individual entrée. The facility features a stone hearth oven at our pizza station, a grill for burgers, and a Deli station for customizable sandwich options. We also feature an international kitchen, a prepared-to-order station with a rotating menu, salad bar, soups, and bakery. The menu provides an array of comfort food, all-time favorites, and international cuisines. Numerous theme meals, celebrations, and special events take place here throughout the academic year. The Late Night Café features a classic grill menu as well as monthly specials. The Community Market is our one stop shop with fresh sandwiches, sushi, salty snacks, pastries, and more.

  • Will vegan and vegetarian items be available?

    A wide selection of vegetarian and vegan items are available in the Gastronome, Late Night Café, and Community Market. All prepare-to-order items will have a vegetarian option.

  • Do I get a refund for any unused meals at the end of the year or semester?

    No, we don't issue refunds for unused meals, declining balance, or guest passes.

  • Do unused meals, declining balance, and guest passes carry over from Fall to Spring semester?

    At the end of the Fall Semester, your unused meals expire (for Block meal plans). However, your declining balance will carry over into Spring semester. At the end of Spring semester, no meals, declining balance, or guest meals carry over into the next academic year.

  • Can I use my declining balance at other food service or retail stores on campus?

    Currently, you can only use declining balance dollars at the Gastronome, Community Market, and Late Night Café.

  • If I run out of declining balance, can I buy more?

    Yes, you can purchase additional declining balance dollars at anytime on www.dineoncampus.com/CSUF. You're also able to pay with cash or a debit/credit card at our dining locations if you run out of declining balance.

  • If I have a block meal plan and run out of meals, can I buy more?

    Yes, you can purchase additional meals at any time at www.dineoncampus.com/CSUF or increase your meal plan with our office.

  • I don't live on campus but I'm looking for a reliable and easy source of food. Can I pay for a meal plan?

    Absolutely! We're happy to offer healthy and easy food to any CSUF student. You can buy voluntary meal plans at www.dineoncampus.com/CSUF.

  • Where do I eat over Winter and Spring break?

    The availability of dining options during campus closures varies based on the number of students we anticipate to remain on-campus, and will be communicated to meal plan holders before each closure.

  • Do you hire students to work at the Gastronome?

    The Gastronome does offer student employment opportunities and offers flexible scheduling to work around students' class schedules. Positions include cashiers, servers, cooks, and student managers. Priority will be given to students living on campus. See the Gastronome's websiteOpens in new window for more information.