Summer Housing

COVID-19 and Summer 2020 Housing ⚠️
We're currently evaluating our options for Summer 2020 Housing due to COVID-19. Part of this evaluation process is gathering information about our students' needs for the summer. If you are interested in staying on-campus, especially for reasons surrounding COVID-19, please tell us why in the box below. Please also indicate which Summer Sessions you'd need to stay for, if any of them apply. 

We offer flexible summer housing accomodations for Cal State Fullerton students attending summer session classes or participating in summer jobs or internships. We can only offer summer housing for Cal State Fullerton studentsan can't accomodate any outside requests. Summer Housing is available in our Single Apartments at a rate of $45 per night.

Students can apply for Summer Housing through their CSUF Student Housing Portal using the button below.

Click here to access the CSUF Student Housing Portal

For any questions about summer accomodations, please contact our office.

Payment information

Your total amount due for Summer will depend on the number of nights you stay, at a rate of $45 per night. The total will be divided into three installment payments due on  May  31, June 21, and July 12.

Initial Deposit

We'll also ask you to pay a $350 initial deposit when you sign your Student Housing License Agreement. This amount is included in your total and deducted from your first installment payment. It's not a security deposit and won't be refunded to you at the end of your stay.