Theme Communities

Living within a theme housing community provides you with an additional level of connection to the campus and helps you build a stronger sense of community through purposeful interactions with students, staff, faculty, and administrators. These communities can provide you with resources and support during your transition to Cal State Fullerton.

College of Health & Human Development (HHD)

The Health and Human Development (HHD) themed floor experience provides residents the opportunity to engage with others who share a major or minor within child and adolescent studies, health science, human services, kinesiology and nursing. Residents will enjoy an enhanced learning experience, with emphasis on cross-departmental collaboration and connections with other HHD residents, faculty, and professionals in the field. Residents of the floor will have the opportunity to discover and better understand real world implications of the material they are learning in class. Along with academic and personal support, residents will have a variety of social and cultural program opportunities to attend. Features of this themed floor include: access to on-site semester academic planning, networking opportunities with faculty and professionals in the field HHD, exposure to various HHD resources, and monthly programs.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The HSS Floor is a community designed for students of any major who are interested in exploring and learning about different people, cultures and histories. The exploration is facilitated through intentional programming. Students on this floor can look forward to programs that include faculty speakers, career and advising workshops, art and cultural exhibits around the southern california area and more! Through these experiences residents will be able to integrate their GE experiences in the classroom to their experiences outside the classroom. Students will learn about opportunities to travel and live abroad through the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Study Abroad and Away programs. Student on this floor will also build a strong sense of community through interactions with other students with similar interest, staff, faculty and administrators.

For more information on the College of Humanities and Social Sciences please visit us at, .

College of the Arts | Arts District

Arts District is a community designed for College of the Arts majors (visual art, music, theatre and dance) looking for an enhanced living –learning experience. Arts District has an emphasis on collaborative learning, student engagement and integration of academic coursework. Student residents will build a strong sense of community through purposeful interactions with other students, staff, faculty, and administrators. In addition to the benefits of living on an arts-themed community, College of the Arts offers exciting programming and events exclusively for Arts District residents such as: attendance at CSUF art exhibitions, theatre and music performances, behind-the-scenes director and cast talks, career and advising workshops, peer mentoring, and more!

For more information regarding Arts District, please visit the College of the Arts website at or email us at

Colleges of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) and Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM)

The Engineering, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics (ECS & NSM) theme floor experience provides residents the opportunity to engage with others who share a common interest and major, while gaining a more practical understanding of how these areas work in collaboration with one another through interdisciplinary activities. Those majoring or considering majoring in engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, geology, earth science, mathematics, and physics come together to form a supportive and engaging community. Residents of the floor will have the opportunity to discover and better understand real world implications of the material they are learning in class. Along with academic and personal support, residents will have a variety of social and cultural program opportunities to attend. Features of this themed floor include: weekly access to on-site tutoring, networking opportunities with faculty and professionals in the fields of ECS and NSM, exposure to various ECS & NSM resources, and monthly programs.

First Year Experience | First Year Connection

Are you looking for a community that will give you the tools you need to transition from high school to college? First Year Experience students can live together on-campus by choosing First Year Connection in the Pine Residence Hall as their themed living-learning community.

First Year Connection offers you:

  • Eligibility to live with other First Year Experience students in the Pine Residence Hall
  • All of the regular benefits of First Year Experience, plus a resource center with study space, social and informational programs and other fun activities in the Pine Residence Hall
  • A special First Year Experience New Student Orientation session with advising and specialized fall registration support
  • First Year Experience benefits that include academic coaching, study space and computers in our Lava Lounge, field trips, early probation alert
  • Intervention, community-based learning, and involvement/leadership opportunities in the Freshman Student Association and Peer Ambassador Committee.

You can learn more about First Year Experience at In our first- year success course, UNIV 100: Foundations for College Success, Lifelong Learning and Self-Development, students explore learning styles and develop time management strategies and productive study habits as well as get an introduction to the range of academic and student support services, clubs and organizations that the University offers. Our First Year Experience Peer Mentors share their experiences and tips for success. In UNIV 100, first-year students make new friends, develop close relationships with professors and professional staff, and learn from the example of successful 3rd or 4th year students.

To be eligible for First Year Connection, you must also join First Year Experience. You can join First Year Experience by applying online before May 1, 2016 for first consideration by visiting By joining First Year Experience and living in the First Year Connection themed living-learning community you can become a successful Titan scholar and leader… Let the Journey Begin!

For more information contact First Year Experience, or (657) 278-3709

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally | Rainbow House

The Rainbow House is a collaboration between Housing and Residence Life and the ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center. As a gender-inclusive floor, it aims to provide a supportive and safe space for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or ally. Rainbow House also offers cultural, educational and social programming that explores the needs and experiences of the LGBTQA community, and connects with students, staff, and faculty who share these experiences or interests. Through engagement, residents will become more aware of their own social identities as they relate to their experience within the CSUF community, navigate in a safe space, and create a strong sense of community.

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics (MCBE) floor is committed to connecting pre-business students to the breadth of opportunities the College has to offer. This learning community is designed to bring together dedicated students who have interest in developing professional skills, building connections with fellow residents, and taking on leadership opportunities. Students on the floor are provided with great benefits and advantages, including in-hall tutoring, career-related workshops, networking opportunities, academic advising, and fun activities. With support from the Mihaylo College faculty, administrators and staff, this floor is intended to enhance student success and learning.

If you are passionate about being a Mihaylo College student, come join this floor!

Cinema and Television Arts (CTVA)

The Cinema and Television Arts (CTVA) theme community brings together students who are passionate about film and television and who value the opportunity to interact and collaborate with their peers and professors in the Department of Cinema and Television Arts.  Students will participate in guest presentations, industry mixers, field trips, meals with professors, and linked activities with the Academic Advisor, as well as the Career Specialist, in the College of Communications. 

Many CTVA alumni tell us that the friends they make in the department of Cinema and Television Arts at Cal State Fullerton are the friends who help them find their first, second and even third jobs in the industry.  Connection in the film and television industry is essential.  This theme community allows you to begin building your network now.

Sophomore Year Experience

The Sophomore Year Experience floor is catered towards helping residents with the unique challenges that sophomores face during their second year. The floor focuses on helping sophomores develop both academically and personally.  Students will learn from a community that will help them engage both as students and citizens of the world. The four components of the floor are Study Abroad, Service Learning/Community Service, Writing beyond the First year, and Career planning. The program is meant to foster a spirit of learning that encourages students to see their education as more than a means to an end (i.e. finding a job), encouraging students to engage in both personal and professional growth.

University's Honors and Scholars

The President’s Scholars, University Honors Program and Business Honors Program are a community of scholars who love learning. We believe strongly in creating a supportive residential experience that caters to academic excellence for first year students in the Honors Program. Programming in this themed floor is designed to facilitate a closely-knit community that fosters involvement, leadership development, academic achievement and fellowship. The Honors and Scholars Floor provides a unique community where highly motivated students encourage each other to excel as they share experiences in and out of the classroom. The rich, supportive educational environment offers a place where students from diverse backgrounds can enjoy a rich array of academic, co-curricular, and experiential activities. Such an environment creates opportunities for students to use their talents and creativity in the service of understanding the world, of communicating effectively with others, and of making a positive difference.

Students interested in living in this community must first apply for and be accepted to the President’s Scholars Program, University Honors Program or Business Honors Program. Priority for this community is given to students admitted to the President’s Scholars Program, University’s Honors Program, and Business Honors Program.

WoMen’s Floor

The WoMen’s floor is committed to celebrating individuals who self-identify as a woman and their remarkable contributions to history, culture and society. This is a welcoming and safe living-environment that focuses on empowering, educating and connecting women from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This floor works very closely in partnership with the WoMen’s center to bring resources, support, educational events and fun programs and activities. The WoMen’s center and the Resident Advisor for the floor work closely to design these programs centered around exploring, enlightening, and empowering their fellow women. This floor is a great way to find how residents connect with their identity as a woman and learn how to make their own path in this world. Together, we will highlight the achievements of distinguished women, fostering self-esteem and pride. The floor is dedicated to engaging in dialogue about current women’s issues, identity development and uplifting one another. The continued success of this floor is directly related to the strong sense of community on the floor that quickly turn into lifelong relationships. Join us as we acknowledge the shoulders we stand on today and create the footprints for others to follow tomorrow.

Center for Scholars-First Year Connection

First Year Connection is a living-learning community for students in Center for Scholars and the First Year Experience that teaches students the academic and practical skills for college success. The First Year Connection offers our Center for Scholars a foundation for high-achieving students to develop and realize their potential for success – as scholars, leaders and citizens. Residents will be provided the opportunity to plan their academic goals and develop the confidence and skills to become effective leaders, cohesive team members and inspiring role models. All First Year Connection students are able to participate in a college success course (UNIV 100), access study space and free printing in the Pine Resource Center, attend field trips, and take advantage leadership opportunities within the Center for Scholars.