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iLinc Quickstart Guide

To access iLinc, click the iLinc tab in your CSUF portal.

02_iLinc image

A new window named  iLinc  will appear.  If you have a popup blocker, you may need to hold down the CTRL key while you click to temporarily disable it.  Also, you can add * to your popup blocker exclusion list.  If you need help configuring a popup blocker, please contact the IT Helpdesk at (657)278-7777.

Screen shot to initially access iLinc

iLinc will prompt you to create your first meeting room.  This will be your default space to schedule online collaboration with other users.  The settings for this room can always be changed at a later time.

If you would like a different meeting room name, you can change it in the top box.
Select the  Internet Audio  radio button.
Click the  Next  button.

Screen shot of iLinc prompting you to create your first meeting room

Next, iLinc will prompt you for is to upload a picture of yourself.  This picture will be displayed in Virtual meetings so other participants can see who you are.  If you have a JPG, GIF, or PNG file with your picture you can upload it now.  If you would like to upload a picture at a later time, click the  Next  button. Picture recommendations:

  • Choose a picture that is mostly of your face.
  • Use a picture that is slightly wider than it is tall.
  • Large pictures over 5megabytes in size cannot be uploaded.  
  • To upload your picture, click the  Browse button and select a picture file. 
  • When you have found the file, click the  Open  button.


Screen shot of upload a picture of yourself

  • After you select a picture file, you will see some text next to the  Browse button.
  • Click the  Upload  button.
  • When the file is successfully uploaded, your picture will appear.
  • Click the  Next  button. 

Screen shot of browse

  • If you would prefer not to receive notices from iLinc, clear the check boxes under the envelope icon.
  • Click the  Finish  button.

Screen shot of picture confirm page

  • Inviting people to your iLinc meeting. 

When you first access iLinc, it will prompt you to create your profile and your first iLinc meeting. If you have already created your meeting you may follow the steps shown below to invite people to your meeting.
Click on the Home button at the top left of the screen. 
Hover over the INVITE button and click on Send Invitation via IM (copy)

Screen shot to invite people

You will get a confirmation that the link has been copied to the clipboard.

Screen shot of virtual meetings home page

You can open Outlook or any other Email application and paste the link of the meeting by pressing Control + V on your keyboard or going to the Edit Menu and selecting Paste.
The link for the meeting would look like this: 
TIP:  Clicking on the INVITE button selects the Send Quick Invitation option and copies the link to your meeting into a new Outlook email or your default email application. You may add emails of attendees in the To field and send out the invite. 

  • Editing Your Meeting Room

You may edit your meeting room by clicking on the Pencil tool at the top right of the meeting room area. You can change the name of the meeting room, change the Audio settings and enable a password for your meeting.

Screen shot of confirmation

Adding Content to Your Meeting
You may add content to your meeting by clicking on the Manage Content icon.

Screen shot of Editing Your Meeting Room

To add content click on the Add New Content button, select the content type (usually File) and upload your content.

Screen shot of manage content

Once added, the content appears in the Manage Content window.

Screen shot of manage content to add new content

Report Session Attendance
You may generate a list of attendees to your meeting by clicking on the Report Session Attendance icon.

Screen shot of manage content

Creating a New Meeting
To create a new meeting room, click on the corner right icon. 
If you have multiple meeting rooms you may select another meeting room by clicking on Select a Different Room option.

Screen shot of Report Session Attendance

To Join Your iLinc Meeting
To join your meeting room, click on the JOIN button.

Screen Shot of Creating a New Meeting Room

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