Printers, Copiers & Scanners

Locations for printing, copying and scanning services can be found here.  Note that certain locations are only open to specific colleges and majors.  Prices for services will vary at each location.


The Campus has black & white, color, wireless and even 3D printing options.  Some labs are restricted to students within the college or program.

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Digital Print Services

Digital Print Services, located on the second floor of Pollak Library North (PLN-220), offers specialized printing services such as large format printing, business cards, etc. 

They also offer binding, copying, and scanning services.  Students can also upload print jobs via their Digital Storefront 24/7 which is accessible through the campus portal. 



If you need to copy something you can find machines in the Pollak Library and McCarthy Hall.

Pollak Library

Black and White  & Color Copiers

  • Digital Print Services – 1st Floor South (next to the elevator)
  • Digital Print Services – 2nd Floor North (PLN-220)

McCarthy Hall

Black and White Copiers

  • Opportunity Center MH-488 (open lab)


If you need a scanner there are several on campus to use. Scanners for public use can be found:

Pollak Library

  • Digital Print Services- 2nd Floor North (PLN-220)

University Hall

  • Disability Support Services- UH-113 (DSS Students Only)