The Division of IT will continue to explore and implement equitable, accessible, transformative technology for the campus community, with equitability and accessibility in mind.


1. Advance digital transformation to expand digital capabilities throughout the University.

2. Promote and increase adoption of innovative technologies in teaching and learning.

3. Partner with University Advancement in University fundraising campaigns.

4. Enhance digital delivery systems to support multi-modal communications for the campus community.


1.1 Create a digital transformation task force to review, plan, and prioritize processes.

1.2 Partner with campus constituents to re-engineer and implement all processes recommended by the digital transformation task force.

2.1 Pilot and implement the use of immersive and adaptive learning technologies in teaching and learning.

2.2 Partner with the University Library to continue to build a robust technology environment in the library to foster innovation.

2.3 Create and promote an accessible Data Visualization Center in the library to support research and instruction.

2.4 Partner with the University Library to enhance the Innovation/Makerspace Center.

2.5 Provide multi-faceted training in the use of innovative technologies.

2.6 Increase opportunities for students to participate in simulated experiences by expanding virtual labs across disciplines (e.g., workshops, studios, practicums, etc.), making them widely available anytime and anywhere

2.7 Strengthen partnership with campus constituents to increase awareness, capacity, and use of software and IT services.

3.1 Research and apply for grants and other funding opportunities.

4.1 Deploy digital signage throughout the University.

4.2 Evaluate and implement the next generation of communication tools.


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Last Published 4/8/22

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