This IT strategic plan was developed through consultative engagement with the campus community and is aligned with the University’s strategic plan.

The 2014-2018  IT Strategic Plan purpose is to articulate the Information Technology  Division vision and mission, to demonstrate our support and commitment to the University mission, “Learning is Preeminent”, and to make an investment in IT’s staff professional development/career enhancement.   As IT works collaboratively with the campus community to understand the challenges that face our faculty, staff, and students, we will provide technical expertise that emphasizes empowerment of the individual with technology, we will work to produce higher quality services designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the campus community.  

We thank members of the campus community including faculty, staff and students for their contribution in the development of the plan and success in our collaborative implementation.

Our Vision

The Division of Information Technology strives to be a strategic, innovative, and best‐in‐class IT organization that provides a leading‐edge technology environment for students, faculty and staff to advance the University mission and goals.

Our Mission

We advance the vision and goals of our university by contributing to educational innovation and providing agile, cost‐effective, and reliable technology services and facilities to our campus community.

Our Values

  • Collaborative & Service Oriented
  • Accountable & Transparent
  • Innovative & Secure            
  • Agile & Efficient

GOAL 1: Student Success   Empower students, faculty and staff with technology‐based solutions that promote curricular and co-curricular success (Aligned with University Goals 1 & 2)

GOAL 2: Innovative Technologies Maximize use of digital technologies and mobile connectivity so that the campus community can easily collaborate, innovate and facilitate the exploration and adoption of new tools that support pedagogy, academic vision and learning (Aligned with University Goals 1 and 2)

GOAL 3: Organizational Excellence Invest in professional and intellectual development of IT staff. Establish an enterprise IT governance that is participative and transparent (Aligned with University Goal 3)

GOAL 4: Dynamic and Secure Infrastructure  Build and expand agile and secure technology infrastructure to provide reliable, effective and sustainable services (Aligned with University Goals 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Our Guiding Principles

Digital First moves away from paper and paper processing to leveraging processes and tools for sustainable and secure operations.

Mobile First considers and creates applications with functionality considerations first for mobile devices, second for web, and third for desktop presentation.

Cloud Ready considers application and data services first in a private or public cloud while maintaining efficiency, compliance, and security.

Enterprise Ready takes into account the baseline needed by most while allowing for customization when necessary.

Data Primacy looks at de‐duplication, validated data, common data sources, and content management to facilitate educated data driven decision making.


Berhanu‎ Tadesse,  Elahe Amani, Mike Marcinkevicz

Robin Crew, Lori Arthur-Carmichael, Inder-Mohan Nat,
Nicole Calucag, John Carroll, Mike Blyleven, Jose Chavez (student representative)

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