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Welcome to my homepage! Before we go any further, I want to point out that though Bichara appears to be my last name, it is also my given name. So, I go by Bichara (pronounced as Beeshara). I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Lorraine, France. I subsequently joined Arizona State University as a postdoc. I am currently an assistant professor at California State University, Fullerton.


My broad research interests are dynamical systems, mathematical biology and control theory. I am particularly keen to modeling problems that address relevant biological, ecological or epidemiological questions and analyze them through theoretical analysis and simulations. Most of these models take the form of large system of differential equations. Asymptotic behavior of the solutions of these systems in terms of some thresholds is then investigated in order to gain insight into the overall dynamics of the considered problem.

Photo of Derdei M. Bichara


Department of Mathematics,
California State University,  Fullerton
800 N State College Blvd,
Fullerton, CA 92831.
Phone:  (657) 278 3196
Email: dbichara@fullerton.edu

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Last Published 4/7/22

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