Graduate Readiness and Access in Mathematics


The Graduate Readiness and Access in Mathematics (GRAM) program offers comprehensive training and preparation for undergraduate math majors aspiring to earn a graduate degree in the mathematical sciences (mathematics, mathematics education, and statistics). Elements include rigorous content preparation aimed at mathematical readiness for graduate studies, training for general and subject GREs, training in problem-solving skills, undergraduate research, participation in a variety of professional conferences, cultural and family support, financial support for GRAM Scholars to decrease their work outside of academic activities, and professional development that includes guidance on graduate school applications and decisions, time and stress management, collaboration and networking skills, and skills tied to writing, reading, discussing, and exploring mathematics effectively. Selected GRAM Scholars will be engaged in two years of intensive supplemental training to support their graduate school aspirations. This training will include a regular seminar, a research project guided by a faculty mentor in the CSUF Department of Mathematics, and a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) component that will advance mathematical research. The participants will present their results at conferences and publish them in appropriate venues. They will also produce a GRAM thesis at the conclusion of the program.


GRAM Principal Investigators

scott annin

Dr. Scott Annin, Mathematics

Algebra, Noncommutative Ring Theory


Dr. Anael Verdugo, Applied Mathematics

Nonlinear Dynamics, Systems Biology 

GRAM Faculty 

GRAM Scholars Cohort 2016-2018

GRAM Scholars Cohort 2017-2019

GRAM Scholars Cohort 2018-2020

GRAM Assistant

Renee Bennett 

Renee is a staff member with many years of experience in the Math Department Office at Cal State Fullerton. She has graciously agreed to serve as a project assistant for GRAM, and her familiarity with the campus and its procedures and protocols has been invaluable. She has many roles for GRAM, including facilitator for travel arrangements for the GRAM students and administrators, organizer for GRAM campus events, leader for GRAM-related data acquisition, liaison between GRAM and related groups, and more.

GRAM Contact Information

Further information about the program and application forms can be obtained from 

Dr. Scott Annin, CSUF GRAM Program Director
Department of Mathematics, MH-33C
California State University, Fullerton
Tel: (657) 278-7678


Dr. Anael Verdugo, CSUF GRAM Program Co-Director
Department of Mathematics, MH-104K
California State University, Fullerton
Tel: (657) 278-3670