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How to Find OER

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Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed materials for teaching, learning, research, and other academic purposes. Implementing these course materials could reduce the financial burden on students who might otherwise need help to afford expensive textbooks and learning resources. Using OER ensures that all students have access to high-quality educational materials regardless of their economic backgrounds. OER often comes in different formats, making education more adaptable to students' diverse needs and learning styles, allowing educators to customize the content to suit students' needs and interests, and facilitating a more personalized learning experience. OER also fosters community, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

By promoting equal access to education, providing diverse learning options, and fostering a sense of community, OER can significantly contribute to bridging the educational gap and empowering students to pursue their academic and professional goals with greater ease and confidence.

Before engaging in your search for OER, please consult your department's textbook selection policy and  CSUF's UPS 300.011 on Faculty Selection of Instructional Materials .


Here are some practical ways to find OER!

Search the following options for specific Free and Open Educational Resources