Freshmen Services


High School Visits

During the Fall and Spring semesters, our professional counselors provide pre-admission presentations, college fairs, and application workshops. To schedule an appointment with one of our counselors and/or to see if we visit your campus, please contact our department using the Special Events Request Form.

College Fairs/Community Events

Our professional counselors represent Cal State Fullerton at college fairs held by local and out of local high schools and community organizations in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside County. To find out if we will be at your next college fair, you may check with your local high school to schedule a Cal State Fullerton representative to attend your college fair.


We provide a wide array of presentations and classroom presentations designed to prepare students for CSU/Cal State Fullerton admission, including admissions/campus highlights, financial aid, and next steps workshops. A description and compete list of the presentations we offer to high schools are located below:

CSU Overview: Provides an overview of the California State University (CSU) system with information about each CSU in specific.

CSUF Highlights: Focuses on CSUF’s admission requirements, academic programs, support services, housing options, and student involvement opportunities.

EAP: The Early Assessment Program is an academic preparation program to help high school students meet college readiness standards in English language arts and Mathematics before beginning their first semester at a CSU campus.

Four Systems: Provides an overview of the four systems of higher education in California: community college, CSU, UC systems and private and independent institutions.

Senior Timeline: Covers basic college application and admission timeline. Also focuses on important deadlines, resources on exploring college options, and tips for navigating through senior year.

College Transition: Highlights major parts of making a smooth college transition. Also provides deadlines and tips for students and parents as they go through their academic journey.

Next Steps Workshop: Next Steps Workshop provides students with the deadlines and “next steps” they should take in their transition to getting to CSUF (i.e. orientation, transcripts, Early Start, etc.).


We provide a hands on workshops for high school students needing assistance with:

CSU Application Workshop: Much like Financial Aid Nights, Application Nights are held in October to help students apply for CSU’s.

Financial Aid Night: Schools are open for extended hour for students to c fill out their FAFSA Application, or for parents and students to sit in on presentations about different financial aid opportunities.

Lunch/ Afterschool Workshops: In collaboration with the Counseling Office, a variety of lunch and/or after-school workshop may be arranged for students to take advantage of such as Cal State Apply Application, CSUF Student Portal Navigation, Financial Aid and more.