25 Things To Do

Making the most of your college experience here at Cal State Fullerton happens right whenever you step foot on campus! The Titan Experience is about being involved within our university but also the surrounding community. We value the importance of your first 25 days on campus and have provided a list of items to do to ensure your success as a student and a valuable member of our Titan Family!

  1. Visit the Fullerton Arboretum
  2. Attend a professor’s office hours
  3. Purchase your textbooks
  4. Purchase your parking permit
  5. Get you Titan Card
  6. Attend an event during Weeks of Welcome
  7. Attend DiscoverFest
  8. Sign-up for Titan Link
  9. Join a student organization
  10. Follow campus departments on social media
  11. Take a campus tour
  12. Discover the history of Fullerton through a local museum
  13. Eat at the Gastronome
  14. Go to a CSUF athletic event
  15. Explore downtown Fullerton
  16. Eat at the Food Court
  17. Hike a local outdoor trail
  18. Sign-up for the Student Recreation Center
  19. Learn the Titan Clap
  20. Find Tuffy the Titan on campus and snap a picture with him
  21. Take a fitness class
  22. Visit David for Good Luck
  23. Go to a local theme park
  24. Participate in a local service project
  25. Check out the Fullerton Market