Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete orientation? 

Yes, its mandatory and the only way the advising hold will be removed.

So how do I satisfy the requirement? How do I register for orientation?


Registration for Summer 2024 Orientation is available. Please check your CSUF email for more updates.

  • By registering for either in-person or Hybrid option via your student portal
    • Visit the CSUF Student Portal login page
    • Log in using your username and password
    • Navigate to the Student Homepage
    • Click on the Admissions tile
    • Click on the Orientation tab on the menu on the far-left side
    • Select either the in-person orientation option OR the hybrid orientation option
    • Click "Pay Now" at the bottom of the page to pay the orienation fee

How much is orientation? 

$100 for either in-person or hybrid orientation

How much is it for my parent/guest to come with me?

It will be $60 per guest. Max 2 guests allowed.

Students should register for their orientation date first and then parent/guest should select the same date as their student. Please note that student orientation and parent/family orientation are seperate programs that run concurrently.

Visit the PFO page for more information.

Does my parent/guest sit/stay with me for the duration of orientation? 

Parents and guests will have their own orientation. 

They will check in with you and take the tour with you but once the tour ends, you will split from your parent/guest.

Can I get a fee waiver or deferral for the orientation fee?

There is a possibility you will qualify for an Orientation Deferral (later payment deadline) and you will see you cannot press the “Pay Now” button because its grayed out. The fee will be placed onto your account at a later date.

I selected a date for orientation but I cannot press the “Pay Now” button, what do I do?

Check your pop up blockers. Make sure to turn those off 

If you turned off your pop up blockers and its still not allowing you to click “Pay Now” then it's possible you qualify for an Orientation Deferral (later payment deadline) and you will not need to pay right now. The fee will be placed on your account at a later date.

I had a friend pick a date for orientation but I’m not seeing that date, can you add me to a specific date?

The dates that populate for you are specific to your college (where your major is held) so you might not have the same dates as a friend.

My friend who is the same major was able to select a date that is not popping up for me, why?

All sessions are first come, first serve. Once a session is full, it will not populate. Please select from the options that appear.

What is the timing like for in-person orientation? 

8am to about 5pm.

I selected the Hybrid orientation, how do I get the Academic Advising hold removed?

Your College Student Success Team will outreach to you via your CSUF email to provide directions on how to schedule your mandatory College Academic Advising & Registration Workshop. Please continue to check your CSUF email for updates. You should receive information no later than June 15.

When do I need to have the online orientation module portion completed?

The online orientation module will close August 23.

What should I bring with me to my in-person orientation day? 

Make sure to bring water and anything you’d need to walk around campus! Note that part of the day will be outside, so bring what you’ll need to be prepared for that. Please check for any emails from your academic college, as you may be asked to bring specific materials for your afternoon Academic Advising & Registration Workshop.

I need to change the date for my in-person session.


Please email with your CWID (Campus Wide ID) and date and we will review your request to change.

Do I have to do complete orientation if I'm a returning student?


All returning students who are at least a year out of when they were previously enrolled must complete Orientation again. Returning students who are returning after less than a year from when they were last enrolled are not required to complete Orientation, but have the option to.

*Returning students are students who were previously enrolled at CSUF but leave the university. Learn more about returning student policy here:

Do I complete New Student Orientation through Canvas?


No, New Student Orientation is not completed through Canvas. If you signed up for the Hybrid Orientation you will receive a link for the Online Orientation Module.

Why does the hybrid orientation option say June 12 or June 13? 


Disregard the date listed with the hybrid orientation, it is only a placeholder. Once you are emailed the confirmation with the link to access the online module you may begin working through the module. It is not due until August 23.