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 California State University, Fullerton



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New Student Orientation (NSO) Checklist

It is important to prepare yourself before orientation to ensure that you get the most out of your New Student Orientation (NSO) experience.  Here is a checklist of items to complete.

    • Log in and set up your Student Portal.  All University communications will be through your Student Portal.  For help setting up your portal, please view Student Portal tutorial video.  It is critical that you begin checking both your Portal and Campus email regularly for important messages that will be posted on an ongoing basis.  Do not miss important deadlines, announcements and opportunities – both Orientation and non-Orientation related - that will be found in these great resources for Cal State Fullerton students.

    • Accept your Admission and pay the $250 enrollment deposit by May 1, 2016 before you can sign up for an NSO session

    • Sign up and pay for NSO by Friday, May 13, 2016 at 11:59 pm in order to attend Cal State Fullerton in the 2016 Fall semester.  NSO registration is mandatory and will be through your Student Center on Titan Online
    • Take your English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Math (ELM) tests on or before the May 7, 2016 deadline, unless you qualify for an exemption.  This deadline is in place to ensure that you have your placement scores back in time to register for the appropriate courses at NSO.

    • Depending on your major, if you need to take Math 130, Math 135, or Math 150A, you may need to take the Mathematics Qualifying Exam (MQE)   However, if you took one semester of High School Calculus and passed with a C or better, you may be exempt from the MQE.  Please bring an unofficial transcript to the Math Department (MH 154) to be exempt. It is recommended you do this prior to your Orientation date. You can visit the online catalogue and look up your major to see if these courses are required at:
    • Depending on your major, if you need to take Chemistry 120A General Chemistry, you may need to take the Chemistry Placement Exam (CPE).  However, if you passed the AP Chemistry exam with a score of 3 or greater or completed Chemistry 115: Introduction to General Chemistry or its equivalent at another college or university, you may be exempt from the CPE.  Please bring an unofficial transcript to the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry in MH 580 to be exempt. It is recommended you do this prior to your Orientation date. You can visit the online catalogue and look up your major to see if Chemistry 120A is required:
    • Register for CSU Early Start Program  if you need to take the EPT/ELM and your scores are below 147 (EPT) and/or 50 (ELM). If you need Early Start, you will need to log on to your Student Portal, go to your "Smart Page" and indicate at what campus you plan to fulfill the Early Start Requirement. Filling out the Smart Page on your portal must be completed by June 1st, 2016. 

    • Complete the Pre-Orientation Online tutorial before your NSO date to learn more about what being a CSUF student is all about.  The Pre-Orientation tutorial is found in your Student Center on Titan Online.
    • Complete your MANDATORY Title IX training available through your Student Center on Titan Online. 

    • Check your “Holds” before attending NSO.  Holds will be listed in your Student Center, on the right side of the screen in a “Holds” box.  All new students will have the following holds that will be cleared after attending NSO:
      • New Student Advisement
      • Entry Level/GE Math
      • Entry Level/GE English
    • We encourage you to print and read your Titan Degree Audit (TDA). This is the primary advising tool that you will use at New Student Orientation, and for the rest of your time at CSUF. 
    • You are encouraged to preview the pre-advisement tutorial before you attend your New Student Orientation session. This is a 20 minute pod-cast that will help you better understand General Education at Cal State Fullerton.
    • Attending Orientation is mandatory and finalizes your intent to attend CSUF and begin classes for Fall 2016.