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Center for Educational Partnerships

The Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP) is a part of the College Access and Career Pathways cluster within the Division of Student Affairs. CEP programs, partnerships, and initiatives have a long-standing commitment and belief that all students have the opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education regardless of  systemic, economic, or social barriers. CEP programs have a particular focus on serving students from low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented backgrounds who are from high need communities. Every year, CEP provides services to approximately 5,000 students, including those in grades 6th-12th and CSUF undergraduates. Services focus on academic enrichment, advising, family engagement, educational support services, and post-secondary exposure and planning.

Upward Bound student volunteer harvesting watermelon


At the Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP), we are a learning community of mentors, educators, and student-centered advocates who provide and connect students to high impact learning experiences. Our priority is to ensure that students have educational opportunities that will enable them to achieve their career and life goals. We strive to cultivate innovative and intentional collaborations with community partners, educational institutions, and families. We expose students to transformative educational paths, career fields, and life experiences. We dream and work towards empowering students, a society in which life circumstances do not dictate one's outcomes and an educational system in which access and opportunity are abundant and available to every student. Each CEP program is structured and designed to meet the needs and age groups of our students.