As STEM curricula are extremely hierarchical, it is important for community college students to complete STEM prerequisites needed to advance toward a bachelor’s degree before transferring. Project RAISE hopes to assist community college students to determine for themselves which courses will transfer to CSUF STEM degrees. 

Transferology will empower Project RAISE community college students by giving them immediate, free access to the information they need to determine whether their courses will transfer. Member institutions, including CSUF, provide articulation information and catalog descriptions on their course offerings to Transferology.

Transferology makes exploring college transfer easy Opens in new window

TransferologyOpens in new window  is a nation-wide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. Their goal is to save students time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting their college transfer credit questions answered.

Students can answer the question "Will my courses transfer?" by adding coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences to see how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when they transfer. They can also find out what their options are for taking classes over the summer (or whenever) at another school to transfer back to their current school by using the "Find a Replacement Course" feature.

Designed, created, and supported by CollegeSource, Inc. Transferology was first released in the spring of 2014.


Transferology workshops will be conducted at each of the Project RAISE partner campuses. To see when the Transfrerring and Transferology Information Session is available on your campus, click on the "Information Sessions" section within the Community College Students tab on the top of this page.

If you experience any difficulties in using Transferology, please contact and they will do their best to help. You can also visit If you have any issues accessing Transferology or creating an account and need assistance, please contact Megan ( and Joe (