Research and Sponsored Projects Office

Titan Hall, 2nd Floor
1121 North State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831-3014

Organization chartPDF File Opens in new window as of April 2017

Dr. Chris Liu, 
Associate Vice President
Office of Research and Sponsored Projects
(657) 278-8205

Mandy Villagran, 
Administrative Analyst I
Office of Research and Sponsored Projects
Phone (657) 278-7482
Fax (657) 278-7238

Leilani de Castro, 
Administrative Assistant to Associate Vice President
Office of Research and Sponsored Projects
Phone (657) 278-3360
Fax (657) 278-7238

Research Development Office 

Dr. Tami "Sunnie" Foy, 
Director for Office of Research Development
(657) 278-2134

Administrative Support Coordinator
(657) 278-4093

Catherine Anders,
Research Grants Specialist, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics 
Steven G. Mihaylo Hall,  4118 (main campus)
(657) 278-7677

Natalie Gharibian,
Research Grants Specialist, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Humanities, 735G (main campus)
(657) 278-7279

Dr. Lisa Lopez, 
Research Grants Specialist, College of Health and Human Development
Education Classroom,  686 (main campus)
(657) 278-4566

Gail Matsunaga,
Grant Writing Coordinator
McCarthy Hall, 129 (main campus)

(657) 278-4095

Steve Reyes,
Research Grants Specialist, College of Education
College Park, 520-05
(657) 278-4390

Research Compliance 

Dr. Elaine Rutkowski, 
Interim Research Compliance Officer

Theresa Tuckman, 
Research Compliance Coordinator
(657) 278-7640

Grants and Contracts submissions

Paulina Tagle, 
Director for Grants and Contracts Submissions
(657) 278-7679

Myrna Weber
Assistant Director
(657) 278-4678

Allison Nguyen
Grants and Contracts Officer
(657) 278-7621

Tina Tranilla
Grants and Contracts Officer
(657) 278-4097

Michelle Rincon
Administrative Support Assistant II
(657) 278-7532

Post award support services

Grace Amaya,
Post Award Specialist
(657) 278-7763

Sponsored Programs Administration (Auxiliary Services Corp.)

Denise Bell, 
Director for Sponsored Programs
(657) 278-4110

student creative activities and research

Dr. Nathalie Carrick,
Faculty Fellow
Education Classroom, 580 (main campus)
(657) 278-5593

Dr. Terri Patchen,
Faculty Fellow
Education Classroom, 346 (main campus)
(657) 278-2034

Academic and Community Relations
(jointly supported by UA Foundation Relations and Academic Affairs)

Dr. Jessie Jones,
Assistant Vice President for Academic and Community Partnerships
(657) 278-2620

Other Related Research Activities

Dr. Sora Tanjasiri,
Director for Health Promotions Research Institute
Kinesiology and Health Sciences, 115B (main campus)
(657) 278-4592

Centers and Institutes