Academic Affairs Centers and Institutes

Archaeological Research Facility (Center)

California Desert Studies Center

Catalyst Center for the Advancement of Research In Teaching and Learning Mathematics and Science

Center for Applied Biotechnology Studies

Center for Autism

Center for Boys and Men

Center for Cancer Disparities Research

Center for Children Who Stutter

Center for Community Collaboration

Center for Corporate Reporting and Governance

Center for Creativity and Critical Thinking 

Center for Demographic Research

Center for Economic Education

Center for Entertainment, Tourism and the Arts

Center for Entrepreneurship

Center for Ethnographic Cultural Analysis

Center for Family Business

Center for International Partnerships in Higher Education

Center for Insurance Studies

Center for Information Technology and Business Analytics

Center for International Business

Center for Leadership

Center for Maximizing Teacher Impact

Center for Oral and Public History

Center for Public Policy

Center for Remote Sensing and Environmental Analysis

Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership (CREAL)

Center for Sport Performance

Center for Successful Aging

Center for Sustainability

Center for the Advancement of Responsible Youth Sports /No website available/

Center for the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles and Obesity Prevention

Center for the Study of Emerging Financial Markets

Decision Research Center

Developmental Research Center /No website available/

Dr. John D. Cooper Archaeology and Paleontology Center

Entertainment and Tourism Management Center

Family Business Council

Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Center

Gianneschi Center for Nonprofit Research

Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Center

Hazel Miller Croy Reading Center

Health Promotion Research Institute

International Center for Economics of Pharmaceuticals, Aging and Health

Maxwell center for International Communications and Media 

Ocean Studies Institute/Southern California Marine Institute

Real Estate and Land Use Institute (RELUI)

Sales and Leadership Center Schools

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Institute

Social Science Research Center

South Central Coastal Information Center

Southern California Marine Institute

Sport and Movement Institute

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary

Twin Studies Center