IRB CITI Compliance Training

The CSUF IRB requires investigators, co- investigators, coordinators, and key personnel involved in research to complete CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) training in the ethical use of human participants in research. This includes anyone who will be directly responsible for study management, data collection, consent process, data analysis, transcription, participant recruitment or follow up. The CSUF IRB requires re-training every five years. For CITI training options, visit the CITI websiteOpens in new window . Instructions for creating a new CITI account are listed below. Any IRB application will not be processed until all personnel have completed CITI training.

CITI Course Required by CSUF

Research personnel engaged in human participant research are required to take the course, Social & Behavioral Researcher Investigators. If you are not taking Social & Behavioral Researcher Investigators then you are taking the wrong one. 

Please be aware that completing the required modules for Social & Behavioral Researcher Investigators takes about two to three hours; all modules do not have to be completed during a single online session. To re-enter the course, remember to SAVE your username and password.

After completing your course, save a copy of the Completion Report for submission with your IRB Application. Final approval of new studies will not be granted until your CITI Completion Report has been received. 

Additional optional training modules can be completed based on the research areas. For example, research personnel conducting international research can benefit from taking the International Research optional module. 

Note that the CSUF CITI modules are specific to the CSUF IRB requirements. Other agencies and institutions may have their own training requirements and are not obligated to accept completion of the CSUF CITI training in place of those requirements. When conducting research with another institution or in conjunction with another agency, you may be required by the institution or agency to complete their specific training requirements (such as additional CITI modules), and/or complete refresher courses according to their renewal requirements (which may be more frequent than the CSUF requirement of every five years).

About CITI

CITI is a leading provider of research education training. It provides online training on a variety of topics related to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), as well as the topics listed below, available as CITI Training Modules courses: 

  • Laboratory Animal Welfare
  • Human Subjects Protection
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Export Control

Instructions to Access CITI Training Modules

The CITI program requires user registration to view its training modules. Please follow the steps detailed below to gain access:

  1. Access the CITI websiteOpens in new window  
  2. Select “CSUF” from the drop-down list of participating institutions
  3. Enter a User Name and Password

Once registration is confirmed by CITI you will have access to the training modules.

Additional Supplementary RCR Training Resources

The Responsible Conduct of ResearchOpens in new window website contains a series of interactive tutorials, available for use by any group for educational purposes only. The site was developed through the National Science Foundation’s Science and Technology Center Program (Material and Devices for Information Technology Research).

CSUF expresses special appreciation to the Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research (CMDITR) for its commitment to responsible conduct in research and for allowing free use of its training tool to help institutions fulfill their ethical training requirements.

Creating a New CITI Account

Instructions on how to create a new CITI accountOpens in new window .