IACUC CITI Compliance Training 

Because of intimate and highly individualized nature of most research projects involving animals, the most important training will necessarily be hands-on, and conducted by an experienced investigator, the Director of Animal Care, or the Campus Veterinarian. However, it is essential that all researchers and instructors working with animals understand the key principles, policies and responsibilities that are involved with animal-related research and teaching. 

Toward that end, all investigators listed on an IACUC protocol must complete the online CITI training module entitled Using Animal Subjects in Research  (ID: 13301). Furthermore, students and postdoctoral researchers working on NIH and NSF grants must also complete the eight "Required" modules in the RCR Basic Course. All researchers would benefit from completing the RCR-Basic Course at least once during their career at CSUF and are urged to do so.  Instructions for accessing the CITI modules are below. At its discretion, the IACUC may require additional online or hands-on training, depending on the project.

Evidence of successful completion of the appropriate training modules (normally, a Completion Record or Certificate available from CITI) must be submitted for all listed investigators at the time of submission of a new or continuing IACUC protocol application. The certificate is valid for five years, but does not need to be retaken if completed at another institution within a five-year period of the current proposal. The Principal Investigator on a project or course is responsible for ensuring that all researchers working with animals under his/her supervision have the appropriate and updated training.

Instructions for IACUC investigators to take CITI Training courses

  1. Go to: https://www.citiprogram.org/Opens in new window
  2. Click on “Create an Account” and “Register” to create a profile.
  3. Select from the list of Participating Institutions: California State University – FULLERTON
  4. Enter your personal information, and then follow instructions on each of the subsequent screens. Be sure to indicate your roles.
  5. On the “Select Curriculum” page, answer the questions, which will enroll you in the necessary courses. For Question 1, if you are working on a NIH- or NSF-funded project, click on the link for the Responsible Conduct of Research – Basic to enroll in this course.  For Question 6, select “yes” to enroll in the required Using Animal Subjects in Research (RCR-Basic) course. 
  6. Submit your answers. When registration is finished, click on the link on your dashboard for the Using Animal Subjects in Research (RCR-Basic) course.  Read the course materials and take the quiz. 
  7. Submit evidence of completion of the required module(s) (print out and save the Completion Record under MyReports) as a pdf file with your IACUC Protocol Application or Continuation form. Retain a copy for your records.