Faculty Mentorship of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities  (FMURCA) Grant

Cycle: TBD

Status: Closed

Faculty Mentorship of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (FMURCA) grants (previously, Faculty-Undergraduate Student Research/Creative Activity grants) encourage faculty members to mentor undergraduate students in substantive ways in their scholarly and creative activities. FMURCA grants emphasize providing students with high-impact practices of undergraduate research or creative activity through close collaboration with faculty.

A total of $27,500 was awarded to the 2015-2016 FMURCA faculty recipients, listed below:

Jennifer Burnaford, Biological Science
   Does stress affect feeding choices of intertidal herbivores?

Diane Clemens-Knott, Geological Sciences
   Origin and emplacement of the Oso Ring Dike Complex magmas

Matt Englar-Carlson, Counseling
   Examining the Cultural Influences on Vietnamese American Male Partner Preferences

Lilia Espinoza, Health Science
   Exploring the relationship between trauma and HIV treatment adherence

John Gleaves, Kinesiology
   Improving Athletes’ Adherence to Anti-Doping Regulations in Sport

Mikhail Gofman, Computer Science
   Toward Practical Multimodal Biometrics for Consumer Mobile Devices

Ester Gonzalez, Information Systems and Decision Sciences
   Healthcare IT and its Impact on Personal Health

Hope Johnson, Biological Science
   Cloning potential regulators of bacterial manganese oxidation and
   Growth Conditions Affecting Cyanobacterial Cones

Edythe Krampe, Sociology
   Psychosocial Correlates of Well-Being in Middle-Aged and Older Women

Valbone Memeti, Geological Sciences
   Examining the volcanic-plutonic connection in the Bonanza Caldera, Co and
   Where did the cogged stones of Southern California come from?

Lisa Mori, Psychology
   Therapist credibility ratings across in-person and virtual therapy modalities and
   Friendship, Dating, and Sex

Maria Soledad Ramirez, Biological Science
   Identification of two novel B-lactamases from Empedobacter falsenii comb. nov.

David Sandner, English
   Philip K. Dick Conference Panel and Creative Writing Workshop

Bogdan Suceava, Mathematics
   Analytic Inequalities in the Training of Gifted K-12 Students

Marcelo Tolmasky, Biological Science
   Use of cation-ionophore complexes to reverse antibiotic resistance

Ying-Chiao Tsao, Human Communications
   Motivational mentoring: A means to a successful graduate school application

Yuying Tsong, Human Services
   Effectiveness of peer workshops in reducing mental health stigma, and
   Eating Disorder and Thin Ideals: Role of Culture

Phil Weir-Mayta, Human Communications
   Effects of Feedback Schedules on Speech Motor Learning