2016-2017 RSCA Incentive Grant Recipients

Wylie Ahmed,  Physics
Defining the properties of living matter    

Hakob Avetisyan,  Civil and Environmental Engineering
Innovative Approach for Drinking, Waste and Irrigation Water Infrastructure System Expansion and Restructuring for the State of California    

Joseph Carlin,  Geological Sciences
Understanding southern California oyster reef abandonment in the recent geological past 

Robert Castro,  Politics, Administration and Justice
Captivity and 1860 Census Analysis    

Koren Fisher,  Kinesiology
Let’s Give Sitting a Break: Partnering with Older Adults to Develop an Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Behaviors    

Margaret Garber,  Liberal Studies
Domesticating the Exotic: the transformation of medico-chemical culture in the Academy of Curiosi's early journal of science (1650-1750)    

Mikhail Gofman,  Computer Science
Strengthening Consumer Mobile Device Security through Multimodal Biometrics 

Michael Groves,  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Designing an Environmentally Benign Graphene Catalyst for Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis    

John Haan,  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Inexpensive Copper Catalysts for the Conversion of Renewable Fuels into Energy    

Zair Ibragimov,  Mathematics
Geometry of Cassini    

Sagil James,  Mechanical Engineering
Study of Ultrasonic Powder Additive Manufacturing Process 

Maria Koleilat,  Health Science
Identifying perceived barriers and intervention strategies related to weight loss after childbirth for overweight/obese postpartum participants of the special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children (WIC) in southern California    

Maria Linder,  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Purification and characterization of small copper carriers (SCCs) in blood plasma    

Sean Loyd,  Geological Sciences
Formation mechanisms and organic carbon protection potential of modern sedimentary dolomite    

Stacy Mallicoat,  Criminal Justice
Orange County Public Defender Social Worker Pilot Project    

Janice Myck-Wayne,  Special Education
Project ECSE Teacher Preparation    

Andrew Petit, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Understanding Our Eye’s Built-In Solar Shield Using Computational Chemistry    

Nina Robson,  Mechanical Engineering
Design of Robotic Hands for Manipulation of Objects with Deformable or Uncertain    Geometry    

Christopher Ryu,  Computer Science
Fuel Characterization and Property Prediction Model for Variable-blend Natural Gas Vehicle Technology    

HyeKyeung Seung,  Human Communication Studies
Screening Underrepresented Vietnamese Children for Autism Risk 

Jessica Stern,  History
Why Was Roger Williams Reading an Anatomy Textbook?    

Fuming Tao,  Chemistry and Biochemistry
A Highly Automated Platform to Continuously Monitor Health Conditions for Well-being Life 

Christopher Tracy,  Biological Science
Role of aquaporins in water exchange of ecologically diverse amphibians 

Yuying Tsong,  Human Services
Creating a Culturally and Linguistically Sensitive Mental Health Literacy Assessment for Vietnamese and Chinese American Older Adults    

Ofir Turel,  ISDS
The “Facebook Brain”: Brain structures and social media use    

Abhishek Verma,  Computer Science
Analyzing surveillance videos using machine intelligence for real time detection and reporting of suspicious and criminal activity 

Sachel Villafane-Garcia,  Chemistry and Biochemistry
Why Was Roger Williams Reading an Anatomy Textbook?    

Jindong Wu,  Geography
Quantifying Ecological Services of Urban Trees with Satellite Remote Sensing Imagery