Pre-acceptance Process

Upon confirmation of acceptance by the PI, and receipt of pertinent pre-award documents, OGC forwards the award document to Auxiliary Services Corporation’s (ASC) Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), for acceptance/execution by the ASC’s executive director. Once fully executed, the OSP coordinator issues an ASC account number and schedules a post-award orientation with the PI. The Sponsored Programs PI/PD Handbook Opens in new window provides post-award grant administration and compliance information.

OSP serves as a central point of contact for sponsor grant or contract officers regarding administrative matters throughout the duration of the project. OSP also serves as facilitator for Principal Investigators in all matters post award non-financial administration. In addition, OSP coordinates compliance with each sponsor's requirements for interim and final progress reports. Principal Investigators are responsible for submission of all required reports in a timely fashion.

Please see OSP's websiteOpens in new window  for more information on the services provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs.

The Sponsored Programs PI/PD Handbook (post-award grant administration) can be found here.Opens in new window