Proposal Submission

Early in the proposal development, your Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) coordinator will prepare a “Checklist” of all proposal documents and forms necessary for a complete submission. An internal target deadline is set (see Proposal Timeline PolicyOpens in new window ) so that appropriate reviews can be carried out prior to the hard deadline submission.

Electronic Submissions

Most federal funding opportunities and submissions are administered via grants.govOpens in new window , for which the Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC) maintains registration and updates on behalf of the university. At CSUF, most opportunities submitted via Opens in new window are supported by Cayuse (see Pre-Submission Requirements/Cayuse). During proposal development, this system checks for errors based on the agency, funding opportunity guidelines and Opens in new window validations.

Other Electronic Systems

OGC generally completes the online registration and submission, unless the funding agency specifically requires registration and submission by the Principal Investigator. Each system is unique, so PIs are encouraged to contact their OGC coordinator early on in the process so that appropriate steps are taken to avoid any delays in submitting.

Hardcopy Submissions

OGC compiles all necessary documents necessary for complete hardcopy submissions. It also packages the proposal and generally sends hardcopy submissions via express mail, and maintains tracking information and delivery confirmation.