Student Resources

At CSUF, we create learning environments that foster understanding, inspire interest and engage students in work that is meaningful, serves a purpose and has long-term impacts. Participating in research or creative arts at CSUF strengthens analytical and leadership skills, cultivates creativity and innovation, and ultimately results in students who are prepared to make a difference.

When you engage in research, you experience many benefits – some immediately visible and some that take effect over time. Participating actively in research or the arts aids in identifying areas of interest, trying things out under the guidance of caring mentors, learning about the history of your interests, developing self-confidence, learning laboratory techniques, working through obstacles (an aspect of every research or creative process), understanding how professionals work on real problems, gaining entry into distinct worlds of the humanities, sciences, social sciences, the arts, and much more.

Below are various resources for pursuing research opportunities on campus and outside Cal State Fullerton. For additional information on student research opportunities, contact Drs. Nathalie Carrick or Terri Patchen.

On-Campus Events


  • Posters on the Hill

    The goal of this event is to ensure that those in the U.S. Congress who provide funding for research and education have a clear understanding of the programs they fund and why these programs are important. Nothing more effectively demonstrates the value of undergraduate research than the words and stories of the student participants themselves.

  • Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research (SCCUR)

    SCCUR specializes in the work of undergraduate students across all disciplines and serves as a friendly venue for students to present their scholarly and/or creative activity (either in a poster session or 15-minute oral presentation), interact with peers in a scholarly setting, and develop presentation skills.

  • Student-Friendly Conferences by Discipline

Funding and Research Opportunities