Student Creative Activities and Research Day

Application deadline: closed

Student Creative Activities and Research Day recognizes the high-impact projects developed by students on our campus. It is a unique opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to come together from across disciplines to present posters or exhibit their creative activities. Students are honored with Outstanding Poster/Exhibit Awards and Outstanding Student Scholarly and Creative Activity Awards.

2018 applications will open next February. 


Christian Do and James Shade, Mathematics
Generation of 2-Generator Groups by Alternation
Faculty mentors: Adam Glesser, associate professor of mathematics; Dr. Matt Rathbun, assistant professor of mathematics

Justin Stewart, Brandon Hawkinson, Michael Negrete, Timothy Parks and Shan Liyanage,  Computer Science
Titan Rover - Control Systems
Faculty mentor: Doina Bein, assistant professor of computer science

Mercy Tran, Psychology
Predictors of Asian American Children's School Achievement
Faculty mentor: Sue Sy, professor of psychology


The Outstanding Student Scholarly and Creative Activities Award recognizes excellence in student participation in research or creative activities. The award is presented to one undergraduate and one graduate student per college working collaboratively with a faculty member or independently on a research project or creative activity.

College of the Arts

Jessica Vela, Theatre and Dance, undergraduate
Faculty mentors: Debra Noble, professor of theatre and dance; Lisa Long, assistant professor of theatre and dance
Laura Black, Art,  graduate
Faculty mentor: Joanna Roche, professor of art

College of Communications

Victoria Serafini, Cinema and Television Arts, undergraduate
Faculty mentor: Hunter Hargraves, assistant professor of radio, TV and film
Allison Paff, Human Communications Studies, graduate
Faculty mentor: Phil Weir-Mayta, assistant professor of human communication studies

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Haroon Khan, Electrical Engineering, undergraduate
Faculty mentor: Geoffrey Lovelace, assistant professor of physics
Mohammed Khalid, Civil Engineering, graduate
Faculty mentor: Binod Tiwari, professor of civil and environmental engineering

College of Education

Jennifer Lord, Special Education, graduate
Faculty mentor: Melinda Pierson, chair and professor of special education
Renah WolzingerEducational Leadership, d octorate
Faculty mentor: Carol Lundberg, professor of educational leadership

College of Health and Human Development

Siena Morgan, Health Science, undergraduate
Faculty mentors: Pimbucha Rusmevichientong, assistant professor of health science;  Jessica Jaynes, assistant professor of mathematics
Ryan McManus, Kinesiology, graduate
Faculty mentor: Andrew J. Galpin, associate professor of kinesiology

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Agnieszka Pollard, Psychology, undergraduate
Faculty mentor: Lisa Mori, professor of psychology
James Zerbe, Anthropology, graduate
Faculty mentor: John Patton, associate professor of anthropology

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Han Tran, Marketing, undergraduate
Faculty mentor: Steven Chen, associate professor of marketing
Ameya Agavekar, Information Systems and Decision Sciences, graduate
Faculty mentor: Daniel Soper, associate professor of information systems and decision sciences

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Alyssa Garcia, Physics, undergraduate
Faculty mentor: Geoffrey Lovelace, assistant professor of physics
Nick Demos, Physics, undergraduate
Faculty mentor: Geoffrey Lovelace, assistant professor of physics
Calvin Duncan, Biological Science, graduate
Faculty mentor: Paul Stapp, professor of biological science

For more information about the Outstanding Student Scholarly and Creative Activities Award, click here.