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 California State University, Fullerton



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New Student Employee Orientation

Mandatory Student Employment TrainingWelcome to Cal State Fullerton's New Student Employee Orientation! We are glad you have chosen to work at Cal State Fullerton! On-campus student employment is an opportunity for students, like you, to gain valuable work experience while attending school. Students not only develop professional skills like effective communication and proper customer service, but also personal skills, such as organization, presentation, and time-management. Working on campus is also convenient for students because they only need to commute to one place for both work and school. 

The Student Employment Program is housed in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. The mission of Student Affairs is to contribute to the comprehensive educational experience of students. With this in mind, a comprehensive online orientation has been created for all students who have been hired for on-campus employment. The purpose of this orientation is to provide training on work environment expectations as well as critical information such as payroll and general office procedures (i.e. calling in sick) for each Student Employee. In addition, the Student Employee's responsibility for handling confidential and sensitive information is also addressed in the orientation. 

Along with the New Student Employee Orientation, there are three other trainings, each with a quiz at the end of the section. At the end of the entire program, you will be presented with a certificate of completion. This certificate is to be signed by you and your supervisor, and placed in your department personnel file. 

New student employees are required to take the mandatory online training. To access the training please log onto your Student Portal and click on the tab labeled “Student Training”. If you do not see this tab, please go to your profile and add it. Click on the Mandatory Student Training logo. Next click on the folder to have the list of mandatory trainings appear. Click “Launch” next to the training you want to complete.