A core value of the Student Affairs Division at CSUF is excellence. As reflective- scholar practitioners and educators we provide meaningful, enriching, and developmental programming and services that foster holistic development. Student Affairs examines the needs of students, their challenges, and strengths through informal and formal evaluation and assessment. We continuously Reach Higher and nourish excellence by tailoring our practices to best suit the needs of students. You will find examples of our efforts to better understand our specific student populations through our self-studies, publications, and annual reports.

Further, we encourage our staff to share their success stories and engage in dialogues nationwide to develop high impact and best practices. You will find accomplishments and implementation of HIPS and best practices incorporated in our Annual reports, Student Affairs Newsletters, and Student Affairs Newsfeed.

Self Studies

  • 2003-2004 Student Affairs Self-Study
  • 1997-1998 Student Affairs Self-Study