Identity and Belonging

The area of Identity and Belonging consists of departments dedicated to the priorities of diversity, inclusion, supporting students in a meaningful way to give a sense of belonging and connectedness, which are essential for the persistence and graduation rates of students, aiming to empower Titans in the process of matriculation.

Special Populations


Athletics Academic Services

The mission of Athletics Academic Services is to provide effective academic and life skills resources to assist student-athletes in reaching their academic goals.


Center for Scholars

The Center for Scholars is a comprehensive support system that serves a remarkable group of resilient and ambitious students that come from diverse backgrounds. 


Educational Opportunity Program

For 50 years, Cal State Fullerton has collaborated with the State of California to provide financial and academic support to students through the Educational Opportunity Program.


Male Success Initiative-Fullerton

The purpose of MSI-Fullerton is to support and advance the outcomes of undergraduate men of color by providing tailored programming and services that equip and empower brothers with the skills and knowledge needed to foster academic success; establish a support network of mentors; increase graduation & retention rates; and strengthen the sense of brotherhood among all Titans who self-identify as men of color.


Student Support Services

The Student Support Services program serves students who are first generation and/or low-income and/or have a disability to successfully graduate with their bachelor's degree.


Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program that provides weekly, peer-led group study sessions for students taking bottleneck, key gateway, or historically difficult courses– those with low pass and/or high withdrawal rates.


University Learning Center

The University Learning Center is a college reading and learning association certified tutoring center, which focuses on undergraduate 100 & 200 level high-impact, high-failure bottleneck courses.


University Testing Center

The University Testing Center provides information and registration materials, and serves as a testing site for several national, statewide and institutional testing programs that are required for admission to the university, placement in classes and graduation.


Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center at California State University, Fullerton provides comprehensive services to military-connected students that support personal, academic, and professional success.

Diversity Initiatives & Resource Centers

Diversity Initiatives & Resource Centers (DIRC) empowers, educates, and engages students and the Titan community through co-curricular learning. DIRC provides support for students to expand their cultural competence and identity development.


Women's & Adult Reentry Center

The WoMen's and Adult Reentry Center (WARC) is dedicated to educating on issues of gender and social equity through a feminist lens. WARC engages the CSUF community by providing support services, leadership opportunities, educational programs and advocacy.


Retention Initiatives


Assistant Deans

The Assistant Deans work in collaboration with the Academic Colleges and Deans to deliver and integrate services for services into the academic setting.


First Year Experience

The Office of First Year Experience promotes college success by providing learning communities designed to ensure first-year students' successful transition from high school to higher education.


Tuffy's Graduation Scholars

The Tuffy's Graduation Scholars program is designed to support academic success and graduation goals by providing students with a unique opportunity to connect with their peers with similar academic interests, access to advisers, while building a sense of community and recognizing them as a scholar.