Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Division of Student Affairs is to transform the lives of our students academically, personally and professionally, equipping all with the knowledge and skills required for success at Cal State Fullerton and beyond degree completion. Thanks to our team of 400+ staff members, we are able to offer student-centered services and resources that provide rich learning opportunities for students, offering opportunities for community involvement, multicultural experiences, leadership training and career development.


Our work is rooted in our values. Everything we do is supported by these pillars:

  • Student-Centeredness
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence


Staff Development

Our leadership team is committed to the professional/personal development of our students and administrators. Below are a few statements that reflect our view on talent development within the Division of Student Affairs:

  • We seek to make opportunities available for professional development to help our team members take the next step in their respective careers.
  • We expect our supervisors to provide effective leadership, support, encouragement and accountability to their teams. Through intentional coaching and mentorship, we provide honest and open feedback on an ongoing basis.
  • We are committed to individual and group excellence.
  • We are personally responsible and hold one other accountable.
  • We strive to be a place that people want to be employed by, and a Division where contributions are valued and rewarded.