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In May 1996, the CSU "undertook an unprecedented systemwide planning process known as Cornerstones" (The Cornerstones Report). "The Cornerstones Report" was published in January of 1998. This original Cornerstones Report included 8 Principles based on 4 policy goals. Vice President Palmer responded to a request for comments on the original Cornerstones Report. In answer to the question, "Which elements of Cornerstones have the most relevance for Student Affairs?," Palmer responded by citing Principles 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9. Discussion about the document occurred in a variety of settings across the CSU.

Based on these discussions, a June 8 memo from the Chancellor’s Office proposed a "revised framework within which to consider the implementation of Cornerstones. This framework is simple and speaks to the reality that Cornerstones is aimed at gaining public support and accountability as well as an agenda for certain system priorities" (June 8 memo). This revised version of The Cornerstones Report consists of two sections: Baccalaureate Education and Post-Baccalaureate Education. The revised version is a pared down version of the original document (see attached June 8 memo and revised outline).

In response to this pared down version, Assoc. Vice President Tom Klammer has written a synopsis of our current campus activity that addresses the items in the revised report. The items mentioned in the Klammer report that are a part of Student Affairs (or have a direct impact on Student Affairs) are:

The "Marks of a Fullerton Graduate" and how they will be used

Student Research Center

Year-round operations

Distance learning

Service learning and CLASC

Fullerton First Year

Student mentoring opportunities (10 programs coordinated by Student Affairs are mentioned)

"Recruitment and Preparation of Students for College Success" – includes information on University Outreach, Talent Search, Choices 2000, Early Outreach Program, Upward Bound, and the Precollegiate Academic Development Program.

Intensive Learning Program

All of the above are mentioned in the Baccalaureate Education section of the report. There is no mention of Student Affairs services or programs in the Post-Baccalaureate Education section.

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