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Student Affairs

Student Affairs Mission Statement
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Student Affairs enhances and supports the academic mission of the University. The Student Affairs mission encompasses the dual paradigms of student development and student services and includes building alliances between the classroom and other aspects of campus life. As a partner in the educational enterprise, Student Affairs contributes to the comprehensive educational experience of students. Through myriad services, programs and activities, the intellectual, vocational, personal, social and cultural development of all students is encouraged. Through these programs and services, students are assisted in acquiring the knowledge, skills and insights that facilitate life-long learning, a sense of personal and interpersonal competence and human understanding.

As a resource for students, administration, faculty, staff, alumni and the broader community, Student Affairs provides a wide variety of university services. These services meet the needs of students as they progress through their college experience and also include problem solving, research assistance and consultation. With a diverse and comprehensive set of responsibilities, Student Affairs contributes to the campus community a special perspective about students, their experience, and the campus environment.

Student Affairs Services to Students and Campus Community
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  • Assist students in the successful transition to college.
  • Encourage development of positive interaction among students and a sense of community within the institution.
  • Design opportunities for leadership development.
  • Provide opportunities for recreation and leisure time activities.
  • Help students clarify career objectives, explore options for further study, and secure employment.
  • Create opportunities for students to expand their aesthetic and cultural appreciation.
  • Provide services that support the educational, career, social and recreational objectives of students with disabilities.
  • Provide medical care for all registered students.
  • Provide personal and educational counseling services to students.
  • Ensure the orderly and efficient administration of residence life and provide a living environment for students that is safe, clean, and well maintained.
  • Provide a variety of academic support services to students (e.g., tutoring, mentoring, developmental courses).
  • Provide student testing services.
  • Facilitate the opportunity for participation in student clubs and organizations.
  • Provide special services to meet the needs of international students.
  • Conduct research, provide and interpret information about students during the development and modification of institutional policies, services, and practices.
  • Assume leadership for the institutionís response to student crises.
  • Serve as a resource to other members of the University Community in their work with individual students and student groups.
  • Encourage faculty-student interaction in programs and activities.
  • Advocate and help create ethnically diverse and culturally rich environments for students.
  • Support and advance institutional values by developing and enforcing behavioral standards for students.
  • Advocate student participation in institutional governance.
  • Plan, conduct, and evaluate outreach and recruitment activities to help ensure that institutional enrollment objectives are accomplished.
  • Provide leadership in university-wide enrollment management activities.
  • Provide effective and judicious management of Student Affairs resources.
  • Encourage students to study abroad through promotion and advisement efforts.
  • Provide financial assistance to students who, without such assistance, would not be able to meet their degree objectives.


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