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 California State University, Fullerton



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Student Fee Advisory Committee

If you would like to initiate the process for requesting the establishment of a new student fee or increasing an existing student fee, PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST.

California State University, Fullerton 
Campus Procedures to Establish or Adjust a Student Fee

Executive Order No. 1034 outlines CSU System requirements to establish or adjust student fees and designates student fees as “Category I,” “Category II” “Category III,” “Category IV” or “Category V”. See a copy of Executive Order 1034 .

This Memorandum describes how to create or adjust fees charged to students at Cal State Fullerton. Forms that must be completed to request the establishment of or adjustment in an existing fee are available in the Vice President for Student Affairs Office. You will also find these forms included below.


Consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs Office prior to submitting a request for fee action is required and will facilitate the fee proposal process in a timely manner. The fee proposal requires numerous steps and involves a number of offices across campus. You are strongly encouraged to plan for a minimum of two months to complete the process. If approved, the fee effective date will depend on the time required to implement the new fee/fee increase.

In order to facilitate PeopleSoft implementation of the new fee/fee increase, contact Steven Yim in Student Financial Services at This step is required and will involve consultation with Financial Aid. In most cases, set aside money is required to redistribute to financial aid applicants.

Be as descriptive and complete as possible when outlining the rationale for the proposed fee action. Do not submit a request until obtaining all required approvals. Laleh Graylee, Director of Budget Operations can assist you, if necessary, in completing the statement of revenues and expenditures. She can be reached at ext. 2304 or via email at Do not submit a request until this statement is complete. 

If you have any questions concerning these procedures or forms, please contact the Vice President for Student Affairs Office (LH 805) at ext. 3221. 


CATEGORY I STUDENT FEE ACTION REQUEST - Category I fees are system-wide mandatory fees. Campus-based action is not applicable.

CATEGORY II STUDENT FEE ACTION REQUEST FORM - Campus-based mandatory fees that must be paid to enroll in or attend the university.

CATEGORY III STUDENT FEE ACTION REQUEST FORM  - Fees associated with state-supported courses (miscellaneous course fees).

CATEGORY IV OR CATEGORY V STUDENT FEE ACTION REQUEST FORM  - Category IV: Fees, other than Category II or III fees, paid to receive materials, services, or for the use of facilities provided by the university; and fees or deposits to reimburse the university for additional costs resulting from dishonored payments, late submissions, or misuse of property.  Category V: Fees paid to self-support programs such as Extended Education, Parking and Housing.



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