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Our Departments

We are committed to supporting student success beyond the traditional classroom experience. Our departments collaborate to provide enriching and rewarding co-curricular educational opportunities that set students up for current and future success.

Our departments' resources and services include: university clubs and organizations; career, employment, internship, and scholarship resources; counseling and wellness resources; identity-based centers, anti-racism and cultural-competency training; financial aid services and scholarship programs; professional development opportunities; student conduct and basic needs services; student government and leadership opportunities through Associated Students, Inc.; student housing and dining services; and Titan Athletics and student-athlete educational resources.


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College Access and Career Pathways

The area of College Access and Career Pathways consists of departments dedicated to building a pipeline of college success from outreach, admission, funding their education, community engagement, and career development. 


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Engagement and Well-Being

The area of Engagement and Well-Being consists of departments dedicated to a personalized approach to supportive services to make certain students are able to enhance their personal and academic experiences.


Identity and Belonging

The area of Identity and Belonging includes departments focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and resources that foster a sense of belonging to increase student persistence and graduation rates.

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