Develop and maintain a nationally recognized Talent Development Program that invests in professional and leadership growth of staff.


  1. Radically and invasively review/enhance policies and procedures to positively impact student persistence to graduation.
  2. Promote and institutionalize activities and services to ensure nationally recognized increases in graduation rates.
  3. Create a cutting edge centralized academic support services center to provide tutoring, writing support and research support for students.
  4. Create invasive efforts to enhance retention, progress towards degree completion, and graduation rate aimed at decreasing achievement gaps among students from first-generation, low-income, underrepresented, and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

goal complete= complete  goal scheduled= in progress

Strategies 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
1. Every Student Affairs staff member will create an annual Professional Excellence Plan identifying the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to continue to grow and develop their capacity to perform their key responsibilities and support their future growth:
1A Create the Student Affairs Leadership Institute      goal complete    
1B Incorporating Student Affairs Core Values into the performance evaluation system          goal scheduled 
1C.i Campus-based training on key topics and issues   goal complete      
1C.ii Cross-training and/or rotation opportunities      goal complete    
1C.iii Professional development opportunities, and support to pursue advanced degrees   goal complete      
1C.iv Support to pursue advanced degrees   goal complete      
2. Provide comprehensive professional development opportunities:
2A.i Access to a mentoring program           goal scheduled
2A.ii Funding to support appropriate professional development   goal complete      
2A.iii Opportunities to share best practices, and encouragement to contribute to professional publications         goal scheduled 
2A.iv Encouragement to contribute to professional publications         goal scheduled 
2B.i Training and support to mentor, coach and develop staff potential     goal complete    
2B.ii A succession plan to enable better transitions as vacancies exist      goal complete    
2C Training and support for establishing standards and practices using and managing social media          goal scheduled
3. Create a process to define what the Core Values mean.         goal scheduled 
4. Create incentives and recognition programs.     goal complete