Assigned Time Codes – Definitions & Uses


Assigned Time Codes
Code Number(s) Code Description Chancellor's Office Definition Description to Use Note
11 Excess Enrollments a. For classes with census date enrollment of between 75 and 120 and exceptional workload, a graduate assistant or student assistant may be allocated.

b. For classes with census date enrollment over 120, a graduate assistant, a student assistant, or an additional 3 WTU may be assigned.

List qualifying course(s) and section(s). Appropriate Uses:
Release time for enrollments of 120 or more students.

Not Appropriate Uses:
Release time for enrollments under 120 students.
12 New Course Preparations A faculty member may be given assigned time WTU for preparation of courses never before taught by that particular faculty member, if courses actually taught include two or more such new preparations. List qualifying course(s) and section(s). Appropriate Uses:
  • For a course never taught by the established faculty member.
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • New faculty Release (NFR) (use #36)
  • New program development (use #33)
  • New faculty development for research (use #22)
  • Professional growth (use #22)
  • New course development (use #33)
14 Course or Supervision Overload A faculty member may be given assigned time WTU’s equal to course or supervision overload earned in a prior fiscal year, provided that calendar considerations so necessitate and the faculty member has not been present for the full preceding academic year. List qualifying course(s), section(s) and semester taught. Appropriate Uses: 
  • May only be May only be used for course/supervision overload earned in a prior fiscal year when faculty member was not employed for the full preceding academic year.
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • Graduate Assistant supervision (use #21)
15 Non-Traditional Instruction A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for activities involving instruction and evaluations, which include such activities as modularized instruction, self-paced instruction, team teaching/cluster courses, thematic projects, open laboratory, sponsored experimental learning or other community activities, writing adjunct, mediated instruction (involving computers, television, and/or other media devices), and peer instruction. These activities typically do not involve a single instructor regularly meeting a group of students in an assigned classroom or laboratory setting. List Activitity (ies) Appropriate Uses:
  • Team teaching/cluster courses
  • Community activities involving instruction
  • Online only courses
Not Appropriate:
  • Online class with a classroom component (use #21)
  • Program coordinators (use #23)
  • Internship Coordinator (use #23)
16 In-Service Training for K-12 School Personnel  A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for activities involving in-service training for K-12 school personnel.  Typically, the activities are provided on the school site using a variety of instructional modes and do not necessarily involve an instructor regularly meeting a group of students in an assigned classroom or laboratory setting on a campus. List course or activity. Appropriate Uses:
  • Field liaison with K-12 personnel
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • On-campus supervision of credential students (use #21)
17 Credit by Examination/Evaluation A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for activities that give primary emphasis to the evaluation of a student's knowledge and skills rather than upon the instructional process by which the knowledge and skills are acquired. Such activities include:

a. Credit by evaluation of prior experiential learning (e.g. based upon evaluation of a portfolio of materials). 

b. Credit by examination (where the examination is generated and evaluated in whole or in part by the campus), including comprehensive and challenge examinations.

The characteristics of evaluation activities that should be treated as part of the regular instructional program involve: 1) regularly enrolled students, and 2) a substantial effort on the part of the faulty member to perform any of the following tasks:
  1. Interview and make a preliminary assessment of the student's background.
  2. Counsel the student on preparing for the evaluation.
  3. Select or prepare the examination or assist student in preparing the student portfolio.
  4. Evaluation of the portfolio or of the student response to the examination.
List assignment(s)   Appropriate Uses:
  • Responsibility for comprehensive examination for a degree program
  • Evaluating student portfolios
  • Evaluating credit for prior experience
18 Instructional Support of Graduate Students A faculty member may be given assigned time for special graduate student testing duties; in particular, for conducting comprehensive examinations in fulfillment of foreign language requirements. List graduate testing duties Appropriate Uses:
  • Should only be used for special graduate student testing duties.
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • Graduate coordinator (use #31 if advising)
21 Special Instructional Programs A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for:
a. Participation in a team-teaching effort. The total assigned and earned WTU associated with a team-taught course may not exceed the WTU generated by the course multiplied by the number of faculty members teaching the course. In addition, no individual faculty member may be given more WTU, both earned and assigned, then the course generates.

b. Program and tape production for instructional television.

c. Liaison duties among multiple sections of the same course.
List qualifying course(s) and section(s). Appropriate Uses:
  • Team teaching single course(s)
  • Director/coordinator/liaison duties for multiple sections of one course.
  • Coordinators of lab faculty/TAs/GAs
  • Graduate assistants
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • Program directors/coordinators (use #23)
  • New course development (use #31)
  • Online classes (use #15)
22 Instructional Experimentation or Innovation, or Instructionally related research  A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for:

a. Development and implementation of experimental programs involving:
  1. instructional television
  2. computer assisted instruction
  3. other innovations in instruction
b. Documented research evaluations which are demonstrably related to the instructional functions and programs of the college
List activity, course(s) or research. If grant, list grant number and/or description.  Appropriate Uses:
  • Development & implementation of experimental programs:
  • Innovations in instruction
  • Online programs
  • Distance education programs
  • Grants for program development or innovations in instruction
  • Instruction related research, including those supported by grants and contracts
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • New course development (use #33)
  • Program directors (use #23)
  • New faculty release for research/professional development (use #36)

23 Instruction-Related Services A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for his/her services related to college clinics, study skill centers, farms, art galleries, and other campus institutions and facilities which are ancillary to the instruction program.  List assignment Appropriate Uses:
  • Directors/coordinators of programs ancillary to the instructional program
  • Associate/vice department chairs
  • Community related programs
  • Internship coordination
  • Performance coordination
  • Examination and evaluation of student work for placement
  • Instructional program coordination
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • Course supervision or coordination (use #21)
  • Research grants (use #22)
  • CFA (use #41)
  • Advising (use #31)
  • Five year review (use #32)
  • Department/college assessment (use #32)
31 Advising Responsibilities A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for:
  1. Carrying an excessive advising load due to a relatively high proportion of part-time faculty in his department.
  2. Carrying a greater than normal share of departmental or school advising responsibilities.
  3. Services as departmental graduate advisor.
List advising responsibilities Appropriate Uses:
Responsibilities for advising students:
  • Undergraduate/graduate
  • Online/distance education
  • Special programs
  • Interdisciplinary programs
  • Pathway coordinator/advisor
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • Exceptional Service Assigned Time (use #37)
32 Instruction-Related Committee Assignments A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for:
  1. Participation over and above normal levels in such areas as curriculum, personnel, budget, library, audio-visual, and selection committees at the department, school or college level.
  2. Membership in or liaison to special committees whose activities have significant bearing on the instructional programs of the college, or the CSU system.
  3. All-university assigned time.
List committee assignment/participation level. Appropriate Uses
Committee assignments such as:
  • College assessment coordinators
  • Department assessment facilitators
  • University-level committees (e.g. Academic Senate)
  • Extra departmental assignments
Not Appropriate Uses
  • Program or course coordination (use #23)
  • Outreach coordinator (use #23)
33 Curricular Planning or Studies A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for:
  1. Special individual or committee-related curriculum planning, development and redevelopment activities.
  2. Development of special tests for credit by examination.
List assignment(s). Appropriate Uses:
  • Curriculum planning and development
  • New course development.
  • Grants for new course development.
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • Internship Coordinator (use #23)
34 Accreditation Responsibilities A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for accreditation responsibilities. List accreditation agency and assignment.  Appropriate Uses:
Coordination/supervision of accreditation efforts at the department, program and/or university level. (e.g. WASC) 
35 Instruction-Related Facilities Planning A faculty member may be given assigned WTU for duties related to planning of instructional facilities.  List assignment. Appropriate Uses:
Classroom/facility design and renovation.

36 Probationary Faculty Activities New probationary faculty may be given assigned WTU for establishing their programs of research, scholarship and/or creative activities, and carrying out other activities that would support them in meeting the requirements for retention, tenure and promotion (pursuant to CBA 20.36).
  • New Faculty Release Year 1-2
  • New Faculty Release Year 3-5
Appropriate Uses:
  • New course preparation for first- and second-year probationary tenure-track.
  • Research for  first- and second-year probationary tenure-track.
Not Appropriate Uses:
  • New course prep for established faculty (use #12)
  • Research (funded or non-funded) or established faculty (use #22)
37 Exceptional Service Level Activities A faculty member engaged in exceptional levels of service (pursuant to provision CBA 20.37). List service assignment. Appropriate Uses:
  • Student mentoring, advising, outreach
  • High impact practices development & implementation
  • Curricular redesign to improve student access, success and increase enrollment
  • Service to the department, college, university, or community.
41 CFA Activities Each CFA campus Chapter President and each of four CFA statewide officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) shall be granted a reduction in workload, without loss of compensation, of up to three (3) WTU on a semester campus, or four (4) WTU on a quarter campus, per academic term.  List CFA title. Appropriate Uses
  • CFA Chapter President
  • CFA Statewide President
  • CFA Statewide Vice President
  • CFA Statewide Secretary
  • CFA Statewide Treasurer