Multi-Component Courses

The component tells us what type of course it is:  Lecture, Discussion, Activity, Lab, etc.

Sometimes, a single course might have multiple components.

For example, BIOL 151 has both a Lecture component and a Lab component.  Each component is built as a separate section. Students will enroll in the Lecture, which automatically enrolls them into the Lab.

How do we set this up?

  1. Create the Enrollment section. Click Save.
  2. Create the Non-Enrollment section.
    1. Associate it to the Enrollment section. Click Save.
  3. Go back to the Enrollment section and set up Auto-Enroll. Click Save.
  4. Add Class Note #0966 to both sections. Click Save.


In plain terms, let’s say:

  • Section 01 is the Lecture.
  • Section 02 is the Lab.
    • Associate the Lab to the Lecture.
  • Set it up so that when the student enrolls in the Lecture, they are automatically enrolled into the Lab.
  • The class note makes this known to the student.


Step 1: Create the Enrollment section

  • Section Number: 01
  • Associated Number: 1
  • Component: Lecture
  • Class Type: Enrollment Section

Save the section.

creating enrollment section instructions. Read above.

Step 2: Create the Non-Enrollment section

    • Section Number: 02
    • Associated Number: 1
    • Component: Lab
    • Class Type: Non-Enrollment Section

Save the section.

creating the non-enrollment section instructions. Read above.

Step 3: Set up auto-enroll

  • For the Enrollment Section, go to the Enrollment Control tab.
  • 1st Auto Enroll Section: type in the section number of the Non-Enrollment Section.

For example, go to the Lecture (Section 01), and type in 02 for this field.

Click Save.

seting up auto-enroll instructions. Read above.

Step 4: Add the class note to both sections

Class Note #0966

Click Save.

adding class notes instrutions. read above.