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Common Useful Queries for Class Schedule Data

  • Class Schedule by Term Only
    List of all class sections offered for a given semester.
  • Class Section Topics
    List of variable topics classes offered for a given semester.
    Use this to verify that the correct topic is assigned to each section.
  • Class Section Notes
    List of class notes attached to each section.
    Class notes roll from the previous year to the next.
    Use this query to review and add/remove what is needed.
  • Learning Mode and Space Type
    List of classes with their values for the Learning Mode and Space Type fields.
    The Learning Mode value defaults to 09 – Face to Face.
    Be sure to update these fields for all online classes.
  • Combined Sections Table with Section Data
    List of combined sections for a given semester.
    Email if any cross-listings or combinations need to be set up or removed.
  • Sections with No Grade Access 
    List of sections with missing instructors or missing “Approve” access to submit grades
  • Course Catalog by Offering
    List of active and inactive courses. Useful to check which course numbers are not yet taken. Also provides the CS Number (staffing formula) for all courses.
    Fields to Enter:
    1 = State Support Classes
    Today’s Date:  This field allows the query to provide both current and future effective dated rows  (i.e., to capture any catalog number changes)
  • Current Courses / Attribute
    For a list of WEB-APPROVED courses, type in "WEB" when prompted.