Quick-Fixing Job Codes


Navigate to Term Workload

  • Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information > Instructor Term Workload
  • Select the appropriate term by using the scroll arrows ONLY.
  • Select the Job Code Tab.


Example of Missing Job Codes

screen shot; read below

The Employee Record Number (Empl Rcd#) and Job Code columns are displayed and in this case indicate missing data. To fix this problem, go to Schedule Class Meetings for each section with missing or incorrect data and “grab” the correct Job Code.


Example of an Incorrect Job Code

example of incorrect job code

Navigate to Schedule Class Meetings.

  • Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule Class Meetings
  • On the Assignment Tab, click the magnifying glass under Empl Rcd#.
  • If there is no information to choose from as a result, the contract hasn’t been processed yet. You must return later and try again.

instructors for meeting pattern

An example of no results after clicking the magnifying glass:

Example of no results magnified

An example of seeing results after clicking the magnifying glass:

Example of results after clicking magnifying glass