Introduction to Schedule Building Phases







Department coordinators have access to build and edit the class schedule during specific times of the year.
See Scheduling Office Production Calendar for dates and deadlines.

Once the schedule goes live, departments must submit changes using the Schedule Change Form.



To create a new semester, we roll from a previous semester. (e.g., We copy Fall 2020 to create Fall 2021.)

To download the class schedule to a spreadsheet, use this query.



Purpose:   Determine days of the week, times, rooms, and modality in which classes will be offered.

Add / remove sections, meeting times, rooms, topic numbers, section numbers, class notes, etc.

House as many sections as possible!

“First rights” general-use classrooms are allocated to each college during the Build Phase only. Take advantage of this time to schedule rooms according to your college’s preferences.

For classes you are unable to find rooms:
Set both the Enrollment Cap and the Requested Room Cap to the desired number of seats.

Other tasks:
• To set up combined or cross-listed sections, contact

At the end of the Build Phase, ownership of general-use classrooms reverts to the general pool for unhoused classes. The Scheduling Office will lock department coordinator access in order find rooms for the remaining unhoused classes based on the enrollment cap.



Purpose Access is reopened for department coordinators to proofread before the schedule is published.

All sections must have the Facility ID populated (except supervision TBA sections).
House any class sections without rooms.

Often we are unable to find available rooms when the enrollment cap is too high, or the class occurs during high peak hours (Monday – Thursday, 10 AM–4 PM).

To ask for an available general-use classroom, email with the new desired class time and enrollment cap.  We will respond with potential available rooms. If you decide to use them, attach the room to the section immediately.  Room requests are held for three (3) days only before they revert to the general pool.

If the department is unable to locate a room, the section must be deleted before Go Live.
Use the Delete [-] button on the Basic Data tab of Maintain Schedule of Classes to completely remove the section.



Go Live means that the schedule is published, viewable to students and the public. Changes must be submitted using a Schedule Change Form approved by the Dean's Office & Department Chair.

However, department coordinators will still have access to change:

After Go Live...

You will still have access to change:
Change Where?
Enrollment and Waitlist Caps >> Update Sections of a Class
Print | Nonprint >> Update Sections of a Class
Consent >> Update Sections of a Class
Class Status (Active, Tentative, Stop) >> Update Sections of a Class
Instructors >> Schedule Class Meetings

Class notes and supervision section requests may be emailed to All other changes (cancel, convert async <- -> sync) will require SCF.


Speaking of Instructor Changes

The Class search will display "Staff" if the instructor is left blank.

staff circled under Instructor

Please remember two things when adding instructors:


1. Give APPROVE access for every meeting pattern with instructors attached. Otherwise, the instructor might be blocked from entering grades at the end of the term.

Add approve access to all meeting patterns with instructors.

2. Give IFF only once to each instructor. Set the rest to Not Include.

Instructors for Meeting Pattern; read above for instructions