Scholars Achieving Higher 

 The Center for Scholars serves a remarkable group of resilient and ambitious students that come from diverse backgrounds. From their first day on campus, they are encouraged to get involved and become integral and well-rounded leaders in the Titan community.  Our Titans achieve their academic goals and develop the confidence and skills to become effective leaders, cohesive team members and inspiring role models.

We seek to instill a sense of citizenship and commitment in our students, inspiring them to reach out to those around them through service and mentorship. Beyond graduation, they grow to become leaders in their communities and truly inspire others in the same ways that they have been inspired. 

The 2018-2019 Honors and Scholars Application (includes the four below programs) is now open; click here to apply!

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President's Scholars









Setting high standards for students who expect to be challenged. Open to Veterans!  

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Committed to supporting first generation and historically underrepresented students. 

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Helping former foster youth reach their full academic and personal potential in college.

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Supporting all foster youth academically, professionally, and personally through college.

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