University Writing

Proficiency Committee



  • Certify courses submitted by departments to meet the upper-division baccalaureate writing requirement;
  • Review and recertify writing courses at least every four years;
  • Grant exemptions to such courses; and
  • Certify upper-division equivalents to the upper-division baccalaureate writing requirement from other colleges and universities that are not equivalent to existing CSUF writing courses.
Committee Membership Email Department College Term Ends Spring
Jonathan Markley jmarkley History SOC SCI 2020
Teeanna Rizkallah trizkallah Marketing MCBE 2020
John Koegel jkoegel School of Music ARTS 2020
Pending     COMM 2020
Pending     NSM 2020
Pending     EDUC 2021
Pending     HHD 2021
Pending     L/A/C 2021
Pending     ECS 2021
Pending     HUM 2021
Mark Filowitz mfilowitz AVP of Academic Programs Ex Officio non-voting
Martha Webber mwebber Director of Writing Center Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Leslie Bruce lbruce Advanced Writing Coordinator    
Melanie Sacco msacco Rep of Grad Ed Committee Ex Officio non-voting
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison