Art 4 Health VIII - Art of Healthy Balance


Please read the Rules of Entry before continuing. - 2014 Rules of Entry
1. To submit your application:
Complete the application form, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the "Submit" button. If you do not wish to upload your images and would rather email them directly then please read step 2.
(It is suggested that you print a completed copy before submitting for your records.)

2. E-mail a picture of each piece of artwork in jpeg/jpg/png format to Please make sure to label the files with your first initial, last name, then a number identifying each artwork. For example, jsmith1.jpg for Jsmith (as John Smith) and 1 (to identify that this is the first piece of submission artwork), or jsmith2.jpg for the second piece of submission artwork.

Artist Contact Information
Some information will be used in official documentation if artwork is selected for the exhibition.

Submissions are now closed.