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Did you know that three 20-minute study sessions are actually more effective – in terms of learning and retention – than a single 1-hour one? So break it up a little.

Self-care can differ from person to person but essentially it is moving toward a life that will include behaviors to refresh you, replenish personal motivation, and help you grow as an individual person. North Carolina State University gives a good understanding of the theme and identifies a few categories of self-care.

Self-Care Wheel
Are you feeling out of balance but not sure why? You might be neglecting one or more important areas of self-care. This is a 6-dimensional wheel explores simple steps you can take daily to enhance your physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal and professional health.

Take an interest in Pinterest
Become absorbed in something that allows you to free your mind from stress and troubles. Perhaps indulge in the many categories of pins throughout the Pinterest world.

Social Work Tech
Create your very own self-care plan for mind, body and spirit.

Mind Tools
This website has an amazing toolkit which provides users with quizzes, scales, activity logs and action programs to assess and enhance personal communication skills, time management, problem solving abilities!


Free online, searchable to-do list organizer.

Wunderlist is a simple and easy-to-use task management tool. Create to-do lists and share your lists with colleagues, friends and partners.

Manilla is a free service that lets you manage and organize your bills and accounts in one place online or using a free mobile app.

Plan meetings with friends and classmates twice as quickly with Doodle’s meeting scheduler.

Get a handle on your financial health with Set a budget, track your goals and do more with your money, for free!

Do you have a helpful web app or resource you’d like to share with other CSUF students? Send your suggestions to Narayana Darst, Interim Director of Health Education and Promotion.