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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

You have a right:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity and be provided with courteous, considerate care.
  • To appropriate privacy and confidentiality in all interactions.
  • To confidentiality of medical records and disclosures. Medical records will not be released without permission except when the release is required by law.
  • To be informed about your health problem and to understand why certain procedures, Tests and information are required and requested.
  • To be informed of the effectiveness of treatment with information about possible risks, side effects, and alternate methods of treatment.
  • To receive information regarding fees and charges for services.
  • To refuse any treatment you do not understand or do not want, understanding the medical consequences of refusal.
  • To discuss with your medical provider any questions or problems about your medical care.
  • To know who is treating you and to be able to request a change of providers or seek a second opinion if other qualified providers are available.
  • To be informed of personal responsibilities involved in seeking medical treatment and maintaining health and well-being after treatment.
  • To refuse to participate in any experimental research or treatment.
  • To have any complaints or concerns reported via comment boxes, e-mail, direct contact with the Director or their designee, or any other communication treated seriously and with respect.

You have a responsibility:

  • To present accurate identifying information before receiving services.
  • To present the reason for your medical visit in an honest, clear and straightforward manner.
  • To treat all staff at the Student Health and Counseling Center with respect, and cooperate responsibly in the health care process.
  • To inform your medical provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directive that could affect your health care.
  • To ask for clarification whenever information or instructions are not understood.
  • To keep all appointments, arrive on time, and call the Student Health and Counseling center as soon as possible when it becomes necessary to cancel or reschedule an appointment.
  • To follow instructions and comply with the treatment plan given by your health care provider.
  • To arrange for transportation and care at home if requested by the medical provider.
  • To pay all fees for services promptly.
  • To be an active participant in your health care.