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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the workshops?

The workshops take place from Mondays - Friday as early as 11:30 am and as late as 5:30 pm. With the exception of a couple workshops that are noted online on Leaner Web and on the calendar.

How long do I have to complete a Track?

You have one year to complete a Track beginning when you start attending workshops. If you are unable to complete the Track you may fill out a One Semester Extension Form in order to have more time to complete the Track.

Where do I turn in my essay (Experiential Component)?

The Experiential Essay is due on Friday April 11, 2013 by 5 pm. A hard copy is to be submitted to the SLI office room TSU 235.

How will I know when I complete a Track?

As you attend workshops your Leaner Web will show when you have finished a workshop. Then you can compare it to the Blue Book and see which workshops still need to be completed.

What if I cannot attend the Annual Banquet?

If you can't attend the Annual Banquet you may make arrangements to pick up your certificate from the SLI office after the banquet.

I am an International Student for one semester may I still apply for a Track?

All International Students are welcomed to join! You only need to be an enrolled CSUF student. If you are only here for a semester please notify us so that we may make the proper arrangements in order for to receive the certificate on time.

How do I know which track is best for me?

There is a brief explanation as to what each Track has to offer. You may pick any track that will help you grow as a leader. For further assistance feel free to stop by our office.

Can I complete more than one Track?

Yes! You are more than welcomed to complete as many Tracks as you like. When fulfilling the Experiential Component you must complete the 5 volunteer hours for each Track.

Do I need to re-take an orientation if I am a returning participant?

No you do not need to re take an orientation if you are a returning participant.

I completed a track last year but did not receive a certificate, where can get it?

If you have not received your certificate please check your Learner Web to see if you fulfilled all the workshops for the Track. If you have you may e-mail us to so that we may check the status of your certificate.

I started my Track last year can I finish it this year?

First submit the One Semester Extension Form and then you will have an extra semester to complete the Track. If you are extending more than one track you will need to submit a form for each Track.