Off Campus Guests Information

Off-campus organizations and/or individuals are welcome on the CSUF campus.  All campus visitors on the campus community are considered to be guests of the University and therefore subject to the rules and regulations of the State of California, the Trustees of the California State University, the President's Directives, and the University policies and procedures.

All off campus organizations and/or individuals who wish to solicit or distribute literature at a table on Titan Walk are highly encouraged to submit a request with the Office of Student Life and Leadership.  Titan Walk tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to those individuals and/or organizations that have made a reservation with the Student Life & Leadership Office.  Please utilize this form to submit a request for a table on Titan Walk.  Due to space limitations and multiple requests, please allow Student Life & Leadership a minimum of seven (7) business days to process your request.

Off Campus Guests can reserve a table by completing the Off Campus Guest Form.Opens in new window

It is important to understand that CSUF programs and events have priority in scheduling this facility.

Guidelines & Recommendations:

  • Off-campus organizations can visit Student Life & Leadership (TSU-234) on the day of their reservation for assistance in finding a Titan Walk table location.
  • Off-campus organizations are granted approval for information distribution only, with the exception of nonprofit corporations or agencies.  They may not sell or accept monies from any individual while on University grounds (see President's Directive 2).
  • Off-campus organizations are not allowed to drive onto campus without an escort from Parking & Transportation (see President's Directive 5).
  • Student Life & Leadership reserves the right to ask any off campus organization and/or individual to leave a table if they are not in compliance with any university policy or President’s Directive.
  • All off-campus guests are expected to review and abide by the guidelines outlining the permitted use of amplified sound and/or noise-making devicesPDF File Opens in new window .