Student Organizations are required to complete the registration process every academic year in order to be recognized as an official student organization with CSUF and to be granted privileges as a registered student organization.

New Organization Registration

Looking to start a new student organization on campus? Registration will begin November 1, 2017 to be active beginning Spring 2018. Fill out our interest formOpens in new window to receive information and updates about the registration process.


Privileges of Registered Student Organizations

  • Publicity
      • Your organization profile is listed in TitanLink along with University materials as promotion to prospective members
      • Eligible to make banner space reservations
      • Able to post information about upcoming events on TitanLink
  • Funding – Eligible for membership in a funded or funding ASI Inter-Club Council (if applicable)
  • Office Space – Eligible for Titan Student Union Office Space
  • Venue Reservations – Ability to reserve on-campus facilities for meetings and special events, such as classrooms and outdoor locations (i.e. Titan Walk, Quad, Titan Student Union, Tuffy Lawn, etc.)
  • ASI Accounting Services – Your organization is eligible to establish an account with ASI
  • Organization Support
      • Participate in specialized training workshops
      • Receive assistance with organizational development on issues related to recruitment, program planning, budget management, fundraising, conflict resolution, and policy interpretation
  • Planning and Preparation – Receive advisement on special events
  • Program Participation
      • Participate in Discoverfest, CSUF’s largest student involvement fair for student organizations
      • Participate in Tuffy Awards, CSUF’s annual student organization recognition ceremony


What to Prepare for Registration

Before you begin your organization registration in TitanLink, please have the following requirements ready:

  • Organization Description – You will be asked to provide a brief description summary that will display in the Organization List (250 character limit), AND a longer description that will display in your organization's profile. Both should attract students to participate in your organization.
  • Organization Category – Review the organization categories and choose one that best fits your organization.
  • Organization Roster – Have the CSUF email addresses for the organization President, Treasurer, Faculty/Staff Advisor, and three members (Note: It is highly recommended to add all current members of your organization)
  • Revised Constitution- ALL CONSTITUTIONS MUST CONTAIN EVERYTHING IN BOLD FROM THIS SAMPLE CONSTITUTIONOpens in new window ! Failure to include all of the bolded language VERBATIM will result in a denial of your registration request.
  • Organization Profile Picture (Highly Recommended)
  • Knowledge of your national affiliations (If applicable)
  • Knowledge of off campus banking (If applicable)


Organization Approval

Approval of the application is pending the completion of all required steps on TitanLink.  An incomplete application will be returned to you at any time prior to the registration deadline. 

Once your organization is approved and considered “active,” your organization president will receive an email from TitanLink.  Remember, student organizations are considered "inactive" until they complete the registration process and are approved by the Office of Student Life & Leadership.

Your submissions can be viewed within TitanLink under the "My Involvements" tab on the "Submissions" page.

All Student Organizations must adhere to the policies, procedures, and guidelines outlined in CSU Chancellor's Executive Order 1068.